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Our website contains a lot of valuable information for travellers to South Africa as well as to other countries in Southern Africa, such as Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia. We would like to share our knowledge of this beautiful part of the world with you, but the amount of information can be overwhelming. In the menu on the left side on our website you will find lots of information under "general information" which may be helpful in the proper preparation of your trip. You can find information about provinces, regions, cities and restaurants in South Africa as well as information on national, nature and wildlife parks in the various countries in Southern Africa.

For more information, preparing your holiday, look for the answer to your question quickly to the drop down menu below:

- Want to know whether you need a visa for your trip? Look here: visas and border crossing

- Worried about malaria and medical care in South Africa? Look here: Health

- In South Africa you pay with Rand, see the following information and tips: Money matters and gratuities/fees and tips

- Of course, you want to bring some souvenirs to the United Kingdom or some of those tasty bottles of South African wine. Before making major purchases, it is advisable to read the following: customs rules

- Many tourists are worried about security in South Africa. However, if you take to heart the following information, there is no reason for concern: safety

- Learn about drinking water and food in South Africa? Look here: food and water

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When you don't know South Africa well, but if you would like to have your holiday well planned, it's very nice when everything is already selected and booked for you. This way you yourself can find any routes or find good accommodations and / or camping. You know in advance that you book with reliable suppliers. You can pre-read the fine print and make price comparisons. You do not waste precious vacation time locally. You get expert advice and tips in advance. In short, a holiday without worries!

To help you find a trip that fully meets your needs, you will find below a selection menu for trips of 7 days or longer, a menu for trips from 2- 6 days and a menu for day trips and excursions. Want to learn more about South Africa itself and neighbouring countries, visa, money, malaria and many other facts and information that may be important for your trip? Go to the Quick Menu Information above.

Our travel range is divided in 2 ways:

* the type of travel (Category): for example, a car trip, bus, train, safari travel etc.

* the journey: to travel from 2-6 days we call "building blocks", tours of 7 days or longer, you will see under the appropriate category and day trips and excursions is also a separate category.

Do you already have a good idea of ​​the trip you want to make and the locations / places you want to visit? Then you can also use our packages options. Here you can fill in which cities, wildlife parks and other attractions you want to visit yourself. You can also select the desired type of transport, price, and accommodation type and so on.

You will then see the trips that meet your criteria. Do not have a clear idea for your trip? Read further to discover our offers. Of course you can always call us or e-mail us. See contact details. 

Down menu to travel at least 7 days

Read the following menu to quickly find the trip you are looking for:

Do you find it nice to roam from accommodation to accommodation with a rental car? Look at our selection car trips and can choose which part (or parts) of the beautiful South Africa you want to explore with your own car! All trips are, if desired, adjustable.

Rather cosy a group tour? Look at our Group Tours which have bus tours and Adventure Truck trips. The latter (Adventure Truck trips) is divided into several categories for each supplier: Adventure Truck trips with Drifters, Adventure Truck trips with Intrepid Bundu, Adventure Truck trips with Kiboko, Adventure Truck trips with Nomad (Accommodated & Tents) & Adventure Truck trips with Sunway. The bus tours are generally more luxurious and comfortable than the Adventure truck Trips.

If you are a camping enthusiast, we have camper trips for adventurous travellers. For all camper/RV related trips and vehicles we ask you to visit our sister website:

Newly married couples can have a wonderful honeymoon with us. These tours are also suitable for anyone who wants a romantic and / or luxury travel. Please see Wedding/Honeymoon trips and packages to see what is possible. Our travel consultants will be happy to assist you.

Not every trip is suitable for the disabled. We offer a number of trips that are suitable for disabled: Click here: for wheelchair friendly trips.

Are you a true golf fanatic? Let yourself be surprised by the fantastic golf courses in South Africa! Take a look at our golf trips, where there is room for other activities besides golf. Be inspired by what is possible. Want some adjustments or let us do a custom made golf trip including green fees? E-mail or call us and our travel consultants will be happy to assist you.

South Africa is of course known for great opportunities for safaris. There is more than just the world famous Kruger National Park, take a look at our safari trips for the complete range.

Are you interested in a special and carefree ways to travel through South Africa? Look at our selection of train trips.

Packages (Building Blocks) from 2-6 days

Do you prefer a shorter trip you can combine with already existing vacation plans? Or two shorter trips in various parts of South Africa to see more of the versatility of the country? Then our building blocks are perfect for you! To make searching easier again, the building blocks are classified into various categories in alphabetical order.

Building Blocks Adventure Truck Trips
Building Blocks Bus Travel
Building Blocks City Travel
Building Blocks Culinary Travel
Building Blocks Golf Travel
Building Blocks Lesotho
Building Blocks Safari & Nature Eastern Cape
Building Blocks Safari & Nature Kruger National Park
Building Blocks Safari & Nature KwaZulu-Natal
Building Blocks Safari & Nature Pilanesberg & Madikwe
Building Blocks Safari & Nature Waterberg
Building Blocks Safari & Nature Western Cape
Building Blocks Sun City
Building Blocks Train Trips
Building Blocks Wedding & Honeymoon

Day trips and excursions:

Many day trips and excursions must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment in busy times. When you book a trip with us, we can also book tours for you so you have to arrange anything yourself from the United Kingdom or on site. This avoids disappointment and waste of time.

The excursions and activities are organized by province, so you can easily search for trips in the area where you are during your vacation. Our trips are often also included ideas for excursions.

Day trips and activities in Gauteng
Day trips and activities in KwaZulu-Natal
Day trips and activities in Lesotho
Day trips and activities in Mpumalanga
Day trips and activities in the Eastern Cape
Day trips and activities in Swaziland
Day trips and activities in the Western Cape

Your holiday begins at South Africa Specialist!

Create your own trip according to your wishes

Choose from the following selections and see which trips best suit your needs. If there are too many options, you can enter more selections. You will find a small list; otherwise reduce the number of selections.

If your desired trip is not shown we can customize and tailor a trip to your needs. Please e-mail or phone us.