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Victoria Street Market Durban

Victoria Street Market was originally called the Durban Indian Market and has long been a household name in Durban, not only for city residents but also for tourists. The market was built in 1910 and thus it has been there for over 100 years. Most market stalls generations have been in the family for long. Even during the apartheid regime, the market remained a mixture of people of different races.

The market consists of two parts: 'The Dry Market' and 'Victoria Street Seafood and Fish Market. The products come from the immediate vicinity of Durban on the meat and fish market and are always fresh. Meat and fish you get cut / filleted to suit your needs. Especially seafood and fish are delicious and come directly from the Indian Ocean. The 'dry goods', you should in particular think of jewellery, clothing, artefacts and lovely fragrant herbs. Of course it is the plan to buy things when go the market. 

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