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Transfer by Taxi

For the transfer from the airport to your accommodation we mostly use our own transfer services. Some guesthouses and hotels have their own transfer service that you can use. We can arrange this for you. The driver awaits you at the airport with your name on a sign and takes you to your accommodation. Specify when booking if you want to use our transfer service. These transfers are priced and give you the assurance that you arrive safely at your accommodation even if you arrive late at the airport. We use our regular suppliers giving reliability and good service is guaranteed.

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Transfers by coach


South Africa is a very big country and it is often necessary to make a long distance as much as possible to be able to see the sights it has to offer in the country. To cover long distances easier, there are special coaches between the larger towns / cities in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia. Thus, it is not always necessary to drive from one point to the other or to fly to the other place. Travelling by coach admittedly takes more time than a flight, but you can sit and look out the window, read or take a nap during the trip and it's cheaper.

One of the companies that offer this long-distance bus travel in luxury coaches is Inter Cape. The drivers are all well trained, the buses are luxurious and safe and there is a host / hostess present on the bus. The bus is equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, a toilet and entertainment (video and audio). Inter Cape, besides the ordinary Mainliner, is also called a drag liner that takes you safely to your destination while you sleep wonderfully. The seats in the drag liner have a higher backrest and support your legs and can be held horizontally up to 150 degrees. Trail Liner has a less extensive range as the Main Liner.

Another one that offers the long-distance bus travel is Greyhound. The coaches of this society are also reliable with well-trained drivers and has air conditioning, toilet, adjustable seats, entertainment (video and audio), reading lights and longer distance there is a hostess present that can provide you with a drink. Greyhound you can book both a ticket for a journey from point A to point B as well as a "Travel Pass" that allows you to make a stopover on the route as many times as you want within the validity of your ticket.

If you want more information on these bus services and a complete list of all places that can be stopped; Look on the bus companies website for more information: Greyhound and / or Inter Cape. To make it easier for you, we can book tickets for you, so please contact us.

Note: when you will need additional papers, when you will cross the border with a coach with minor children (see the website of Inter Cape for more information and download the forms).

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Baz Bus

From hostel to hostel through South Africa with the famous Baz Bus:
Good and unbridled popular means of transport for backpackers.
Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Hop-on-hop-off. Get off where you want to be and get back on if you want to continue. In many European cities they drive these buses with fixed routes along the highlights. But in South Africa they drive across the country. The Baz Bus is a popular means of transport with backpackers.

The Baz Bus in South Africa works on the same concept as the hop-on-hop-off bus in the United Kingdom.

From door to door
A ticket valid for one to three weeks is an unlimited use of the service. The bus passes many tourist highlights and connects 180 different hostels in 40 different places. This transport tis does not go from station to station, but from hostel to hostel, from door to door so to speak.

They are mostly backpackers who make use of the Baz Bus. The bus is thus surrounded and appears in the backpacker scene. This scene is in South Africa and has a clear resemblance to the culture of Afrikaners themselves: a culture with a great desire for freedom, adventure, outdoors, braai and parties.

Online information
South Africa is a popular Backpackers country. In addition to the rural hostel-to-hostel service, the country has the largest range of activities in Africa, most hostels and most online information, combined with a low price level. It is, in short, good backpacking.

We can provide the tickets and book backpacker accommodation for you. For more information about the BAZ BUS: click here.

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