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The Soutpansberg Mountains are the northernmost mountain range in South Africa near the border with Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana. The mountain range is named after the salt pans on the north-west side where salt is still mined. The mountain range stretches across 130 km from east to west and the width varies from 15 to 60 kilometres.

Bird lovers can enjoy their stay here with more than 540 species, 60 percent of the species in South Africa are represented in the area. Suitable places for bird watching are the forests around Roodewal, Entabeni and Hanglip. At Hanglip there are several hiking trails which can also carry along the various native trees. The biggest Baobab in the world can be found at Sagole and it is estimated that it is older than 3000 years. The circumference of the trunk is less than 43 meters and this huge tree houses many baobab swifts.

Baobab is called "up-side-down tree as they are not higher despite their thick trunk of 10 to 22 meters. In the winter months when the trees bear no leaves, it looks like they bottom is facing up with the roots pointing upwards. From October to December the Baobab has large white flowers that smell delicious. However, when the flowers fall and digest on the ground, they spread an unpleasant smell.
In the Soutpansberg there are many petroglyphs, particularly well-drawn and engraved images. The drawings give a good insight into the animals that were in the area, but also about the different tribes in the area. There are also drawings that refer to the settlers who moved in with horses and chariots in the area.

Besides nature and culture found in the Soutpansberg Mountains, there is another reason which makes a visit worthwhile: art. The Limpopo province is known for its many artists and artists from different tribes such as Venda, Pedi and Shangaan. The artist's work is made in particular with traditional materials such as wood and clay. Famous artists villages is Venda, Elim, Makhado (formerly Louis Trichardt) and Giyani. Here there are beautiful carvings, statues, pots, floor and wall hangings and other decorative items to buy and you can also get acquainted with the everyday life of these tribes.

Remember not forget to enjoy the beautiful red sunsets when you stay in this region.

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