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South African Cuisine

A taste of South African food
In the South African kitchen you will find influences from three continents. In addition to the wide variety of Asian, African and European cuisine South Africa has the advantage of an ideal climate to include all the ingredients. Curious about what South Africa has to offer culinary wise?

Take a sneak peek!
Bobotie is one of the most famous dishes of South Africa. It is an oven dish consisting of a mixture of minced meat and spices. Here is a mixture of milk and eggs. Originally this dish of meat, remnants of meals from the past, but today Bobotie mostly consists of beef or lamb. Fruits such as apples and raisins make Bobotie even better.

Sosaties (Kebab - A South African dish of cubes of curried or spiced meat grilled on a skewer) is a traditional Cape Malay dish part of the braai or barbecue for the South Africans. Do you like spicy food? Put a few hot peppers with it and enjoy.

Whole marinated fish
This delicious fish dish is easy to prepare. With special fish tongs you turn the fish on the grill easy without it falling apart. By grilling, the flavour of the fish becomes tastier. The fish is about an hour in the marinade so that it will get a delicious taste. The marinade usually consists of: sunflower oil, salt and pepper, lemon juice and chopped parsley.

The typical South African snack made from dried meat and is often included as travel provisions by the South Africans. Biltong meat is first cut into large strips and flavoured with coriander, salt and pepper.

Whole Mielies or Sweet Corn
Something delicious for the braai: Mielies (small baby corn). This side dish you simply make by boiling it in water, then brush with melted butter or oil. The mielie should be rotated regularly so they are nicely browned all around. They need only be a few minutes on the braai and then you can nibble it! Do not forget to cool it down naturally.

A drink?
South Africa and wine is second to none a strange combination. The wines from the land are still gaining popularity. Viticulturists describe the South African wines as fruity, soft and are therefore often very popular with novice wine drinkers. But it's not just wine that bestows South Africa. South Africans love a beer and they love to share with others.

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