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Safety Wildlife Parks

Most wildlife parks have been established in South Africa to provide protection to the animal life that was threatened with extinction. The hunt was limited on animals and the chance to get acquainted with the particular animals was increased by offering safaris in this overwhelmingly beautiful nature.

Meeting/getting acquainted with animals is apparently not a clear definition for some tourists. In these parks wild animals live that are not used to people. This may sound strange, but these animals recognize the car, the means of transport to see the animals, as a threat. But once you get off or even partially move outside your vehicle (an arm outside the window or an open roof), the animals see this as a threat. In most cases the animals flee, but there are examples each year of animals feeling threatened and thus the animals follow their instincts and attacks, sometimes with fatal consequences for the tourist. Keep a respectful distance, and never chase or follow the animals.

If you are on a walking safari, the parks offer this always with armed and with two very experienced rangers. This is generally where you get to know where the game is and how to respond. They will never bring the animals in danger. Prior to such a walk is a good explanation, the group is always small and not suitable for children under 16. Never go for a walk on your own in a game park!

When you enter with your own car without a park ranger take the rules of the park seriously. Generally you receive it at the entrance of the park or there is an information board with the observation rules.

1 Never step out!
2 Keep doors closed and windows not open too far.
3 Remember this at all times; they are not PETS and they are certainly not tame.
4 Keep a respectful distance from the animals, especially with rhinos and elephants.
5 Stay on marked trails or roads
6 Do not go with a sedan on 4x4 dirt roads
7 Use only a walking safari with an experienced ranger.
8 Take plenty of water with you, and something to eat. This is for example, when you get problems with the car and you unfortunately have to wait a little longer.
9 Observe the speed, it is safer and so you see more!
10 In game reserves, the use of alcohol is prohibited. Only people, who stay in the park, take alcohol into the park and use it at the rest camps.
11 Keep in mind the closing time of the park, because after closing it is forbidden for you to be in the park.
12 Feeding animals is strictly prohibited and this can put their lives in danger. They could be dependent and thus be able to exhibit aggressive behaviour.
13 Do not litter in the park and of course outside the parks!

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