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Payment Terms & Conditions

Our payment terms are customary conditions for long-distance travel:

The deposit must be paid immediately after booking. Only after the deposit has been received, can everything be confirmed and the tickets can be printed if applicable.

The deposit is:
25% for general other parts
100% for camping/camping sites
100% of travel packages / accommodations that  have a 100% cancellation policy to calculate risk. For example: SANParks.

100% of flights if applicable
The final payment must be received by us no later than 7 weeks, before travelling.
For campervan hire the remaining payment is due 8 weeks prior to departure.
The travel documents for your journey will be sent approximately two weeks before departure by e-mail.

Payment by credit card is more expensive, so we do not accept credit card payments.
Pay into the following bank account:

Bank details:
If you pay in Euros, please indicate this when booking as we have Dutch bank accounts.

We mention on your invoice our South African banking account number.
All bank charges are always at your own expense.
If you wish to pay in Pounds on our South African account you do not need an IBAN number.
The information listed as on the invoice is sufficient.

Name account holder: Stichting Zuid-Afrika Specialist
Account number: 1122353855
Branch code: 198765
Our address is De Bongerd 40, 3863 ZV Nijkerk, the Netherlands
Bank address : 135 Rivonia Road, Sandown, 2196, PO Box 1144, Johannesburg, South Africa

If you agreed to pay us in EURO you pay into:

IBAN: NL73 RABO 0129342130
Our address: De Bongerd 40, 3863 ZV, Nijkerk, the Netherlands
Bank address: Postbus 1063, 3860 BB, Nijkerk, the Netherlands

South African Banks do not participate in the IBAN system as this is for the European Union and a few bordering countries. South Africa uses the SWIFT/BIC + Branch Code + Account Number to make international Wire Transfers. This is the only way to transfer money.

**Our proposals are normally made in Rand. It is also possible to pay in Euro's. With our calculation exchange rate we take the exchange risk (partly) for our account. Please let us know your preference if you haven't already. Any banking costs are for your own account.

Exchange Rate

The rate of the South African Rand against the Euro changes on a regular basis.

Traditional travel agencies take the price on the date that the calculations have been made. This is usually the date that the brochures have been printed or the website loaded. They take a safe exchange rate for them. If this price seems very different (and negative for them) in a later stage they can charge you extra for this.

This disadvantage you don't have when you book with us, unless there is an extreme price difference between the moment of booking and the departure date. The current daily rate is determined and calculated in Euros and published on our website.

Banks operate on a "buy and sell" exchange rate. The published rate is the average of this "buy and sell" rate. At the time you make the payment you will get the most unfavourable rate. This rate is most of the time higher than 1,5% on the published rate.