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City Paternoster

Paternoster located on the spectacular West Coast in the Western Cape Province and is a popular vacation destination. It is about 90 minutes' drive from Cape Town and the Winelands and the Cederberg Mountains are easily accessible from here. Paternoster means 'Our Father' and it was in many prayers of the Portuguese who shipwrecked, yet above all again be able to return to their homeland.

Paternoster is a picturesque traditional fishing village and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and it's a beautiful coastline. It is a place where you feel safe and surrounded by the natural beauty will come to rest nicely. Here you can unwind on the 10-kilometer-long white sand beach; take great photos of old weathered boats, hardworking fishermen and bright white houses... The village is timeless and charming and her colourful people give you that same welcoming feeling of 100 years ago. Paternoster is a place to enjoy local specialties so go for fresh seafood and this is especially where the lobster (kreef) is well known.

Visit the Tietiesbaai Nature Reserve 5 kilometres away where there is the last manned lighthouse; Cape Columbine which safely guides the seagoing vessels along the coast. And that was something new, many ships perished here in the past before the lighthouse kept guard here. It leads to special diving activities along this coast. You can visit the shipwrecks and guides can also explain the history of the ships. Lisbon was perhaps the most interesting ship that was shipwrecked here on 23 October 1910, on its maiden voyage.

Within the Tietiesbaai Nature Reserve there is the Columbine Nature Reserve where you need to be in the spring, when the grass turns its colour on a warm spring day with flowers. Pack a picnic and take great time to contemplate these wonderful but very short lived wildflowers. Best time to visit the Wild Flower route is August-September.

In Paternoster you can take boat trips to go deep-sea fishing, but permission is required. There are plenty of diving opportunities, but if you still need to learn more, you can do it here locally. The beach, of course, invites the horse lover out to take a wonderful beach ride. You can also visit the West Coast Fossil Park. Sea kayaking, surfing and many other water activities are here for the taking, like kite surfing and kite flying, long walks, sunbathing and just enjoying a beautiful sunset! The coast has a rich animal life and you can see whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and lots of birds (± 250). Follow one of the paths to the peaceful sounds of birds singing or look for rocks with Khoisan rock art.

Paternoster has so much to offer and it is also a wonderful romantic place on the West Coast for nature lovers in the broadest sense of the word!

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