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Moholoholo Game Reserve

In the Province of Limpopo you will find the Moholoholo Private Game Reserve, which is famous for the rehabilitation centre that you may have already seen on National Geographic. You will find Moholoholo at the 1944m high Mariepskop in the middle of both Lowveld forest and rainforest.

In the rehabilitation centre, led by Brian Jones, injured or poisoned animals are taken from all over the country to get proper treatment so that they can heal and return to where they came from. A variety of young animals are rejected by their mother, in which case they find shelter and care in the centre. Occasionally, the animals cannot be placed back in the wild; then they are then housed at Moholoholo and used for educational purposes for the visitors of the centre.

There is also a successful breeding program for the extinct Serval (a feline) and the Crown Eagle. If possible, the animals are placed back, equipped with a GPS necklace to obtain more information about their movement pattern.

At Moholoholo you can regularly see young cubs, rhino calves and other needy babies who are raised by the caregivers of the rehabilitation centre. Some of the permanent residents are owls, vultures, lions, leopards, servals, scale animals and duikers. They could not be released in the wild, but now offer visitors a unique opportunity touch these famous and rare African animals.

Guided tours are given Monday to Saturday at 09:30 and 15:00. A tour takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.

The Moholoholo Forest Lodge is an excellent place to enjoy African nature without all the distractions of daily life. As Moholoholo's concept is based on nature and the environment, there is no television, radio, shopping facilities or swimming pool. However, delicious country-style and traditional meals are served and the chalets all have an en-suite bathroom. 

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