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City Lambert's Bay

Lambert's Bay is the place to be 'on the West Coast. Located about 2.5 hours' drive from Cape Town you will find this diamond on the coast and the Mecca of kreef (lobster) in South Africa.

Lambert's Bay with its characteristic harbour, the long white beaches and abundant sea life that goes on in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, are the attractions of Lambert's Bay. Especially if schools of snoek swim here over a couple of times a year, there is a lot of traffic on the water; boats and birds bobbing over the waves, while others are also busy surfing or just enjoy being idled in the sun. Want to go sea fishing or lobster fishing (Nov-April)? Then get a license at the post office!

This diamond at the sea began as a small fishing village but is now one of South Africa's top attractions on the West Coast. That is certainly also due to the abundant bird life such as the Northern Gannets and Cormorants. In addition, this is the place for whales, seals and dolphins because they are spotted regularly here. There are several boat trips and during the morning boat trips it often gives the best chance for spotting Heaviside's dolphins. Southern right whales and Dusky dolphin are spotted here in the season between August and November.

Lambert's Bay is a lovely place to stay during the Wild Flower season (Aug-Sept), because it is a stone's throw away from numerous trails that will take you along the beautiful wild flowers field. You can also visit places like Clanwilliam, Vanrhynsdorp and Namaqualand. During a hot sunny day the area is a feast for the eye and what is more worthy to the end of the day, than the sun going down over the sea, enjoying a fish or crayfish braai...

At Lambert's Bay Sand Field Museum you can find out more about the mountain and leopard tortoise, who have found a paradise on earth. And also at the nearby farm Wadrift your hunger for history will be appeased. You will also find shops, galleries, farm stalls and restaurants, because beach life makes you hungry. It is the place to eat seafood and if you are here you will understand why, because any fresher really you cannot get!

Xamarin country club has a 9-hole golf course for the golf enthusiast who, or definitely want to hit a ball in the holiday.

What is especially fun with the whole family is if you are heading out with Quad Bikes. And what about a 4x4 trip through the dunes, some talented drivers are needed here! Before you go, remember that you need a permit for a trip through the dunes. You can also take a micro light flight over the beach or go sandboarding in the desert dunes.

The most popular day trip is probably going to Bird Island, home to the largest colony of the Cape Gannet birds, but also cormorants, seagulls, penguins and seals feel at home among the more than 25 000 blue-eyed Cape Gannets. It is one of six places in the world where the birds hatch and the only one that is easily accessible to the public.

After the winter rains, not just wild flowers carpets for appearances, but you can also see the Flamingos at the mouth of the Jakkals River. A real bird enthusiast will also visit the Panorama Park and Verlorenvlei (± 25 km) near Elands Bay.

If you want to go on safari in this environment you can then visit the Boschenbach Private Game Reserve. A place surrounded by the Cederberg rocks, which brought back the animals in 1995 that lived here 100 years ago. Besides wildlife you will also find century-old petroglyphs and the beautiful and unique Fynbos.

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