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City Hout Bay

Hout Bay is located about 20 kilometers south of Cape Town, hidden in the safety and natural beauty of the bay between the Chapman's Peak and Sentinel Mountain. It is a lively town with a beautiful kilometer long beach where you can swim. The water temperature here is somewhat cooler than in the False Bay, but on a hot summer day it cannot spoil the fun.

In the picturesque port of Hout Bay you find the best Fish & Chips in the world. Hout Bay is known for its brave fishing and is the center of the crayfish fishing. In June there is the 'pike festival ', because in the winter months it is a hive of activity in the harbour when they catch a lot of snoek (Thyrsites atun fish).

The name Hout Bay was given by Jan van Riebeeck. When going ashore he saw a dense forest in 1652, at that time this forest gave a very characteristic appearance to this area. In his journal, he stated: "The woods here are the best in the world, with woods so long, thick and straight as you could wish for". If you want to learn about the history of Hout Bay then visit the Hout Bay museum.

A beautiful route to drive is the 10 kilometer long Chapman's Peak road, a winding coastal road to the mountains with stunning views over the ocean which is about 600 meters below! There are numerous views and picnic areas where you can stop for a moment to enjoy the view and feel the wind go through your hair!

On Sundays there is a lively market in Hout Bay where local products, ceramics, baskets, African curios etc. are sold.

An outing for the kids and adults enjoy is the World of Birds Park with more than 3,000 birds. Here you will find birds and other small animals, and you can take a monkey jungle walk. Perhaps it is nice to visit the Mariner's Wharf. You will find here a spacious restaurant, a seafood bistro, a fish market, and sushi bar, a bakery, seafarers presents and an antique shop.

A wonderful example of Cape Dutch architecture is located on the Main Road where the estate of Kronendal is and has been there since 1800 and there is now a restaurant.

From the port of Hout Bay, you can take a boat cruise to Duiker Island. There is a huge seal colony. This is not the seal island located in the False Bay where you can also spot the Great White Shark.

If you enjoy walking and hiking it is a wonderful place for beach walks, but also Mount Sentinel is a popular climb. The adventurous tourist will probably go kayaking, jet skiing, mountain biking and sea fishing for tuna, swordfish or marlin.

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