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City Hogsback

Hogsback is situated in the Eastern Cape between Queenstown, Grahamstown and East London. It is beautifully situated in the Amathole Mountains making it one of South Africa's most beautiful holiday destinations.

The three mountains, the beautiful panoramic views, endless forests shrouded in mysterious morning mist awakening humans and animals in a glorious sunrise and enjoy nature and tranquillity here.

The call of the Knysna Loerie and the murmur in the canopy of the trees, where Samango monkeys play, the only sounds besides other birds singing you hear. You can imagine that Hogsback has an attraction for nature lovers throughout the year. Take walks, bike rides or go horse riding out to conquer the mountains and cool off in one of the many fairy-tale waterfalls. Mountain Streams and the native forest, hills and valleys that make you think of the world of Tolkien. And that's no wonder; because here he spent his childhood ... Like numerous other writers here he was inspired by the beautiful surroundings and wrote.

In this world of extraordinary beauty you can see several eagles soar on the thermals and in the afternoon you can hear the Cape Parrots and see in the Yellowwood trees.

The area also lends itself to go trout fishing and wildlife is just over 60 kilometres from Hogsback. In the small village you will find studios and galleries or shops but in an environment like you do not even need to shop.

Hogsback offers beautiful gardens with influences from around the world where gardening enthusiasts from all over South Africa come to this earthly paradise.

Hogsback is a place to unwind and if nature alone cannot give you satisfaction you can also go here for an aromatherapy massage or Indian head and shoulder massage. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy nature or read a good book or do something romantic together...