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GPS / Telephone

You can contact us in connection with your car or campervan hire for a GPS and / or satellite phone rentals at attractive rates.

Our car rental costs for a SATELLITE NAVIGATION SYSTEM: is about R75 to R80, - per day. (Deposit: R 1000).

If you already own a GPS, you can also order tickets from South Africa via the website of your GPS supplier, especially for the longer trips. Additional maps for Southern Africa, for example, Tom Tom is about € 100.

There are also companies in South Africa which program a GPS for your route. This is not cheap and our experience was not positive, therefore we have not chosen to offer this service.

A very good GPS and GPS maps provider for Africa is Tracks. If this is appealing to you, please visit the website Tracks of Africa

Garmin GPSMAP62 including Tracks4Africa software
The Garmin GPSMAP62 is a small navigation system when you are off the beaten track in Southern Africa. It is a very versatile GPS with mapping display. It is equipped with the highly sensitive SiRF GPS receiver allowing reception almost always. The price: € 5, per day (Deposit € 150) you can order it yourself or we can do this for you.

Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator
We would like to introduce the Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator app (or planner) to you to make your RV travel as efficiently as possible!

The app is suitable for IPad / IPhone (However, the iPad must have a GPS module) and includes coverage for southern and eastern Africa. The app is what we call an offline app, which means that once it is installed on your device, you do not need internet connection to use the app or its content cards. Internet while traveling is not necessary!

Trip planning is useful when you want to find out how long it will take to get from place A to B to drive, if you would like to obtain additional information or pre-plan your day trips from certain accommodations.

The Tracks4Africa GPS maps have been used by many travellers in Africa the last 10 years. The GPS maps are made by real people, and include only controlled roads and nominate worthy sights. The cards answer the most important questions for every traveller, including: where to sleep, where we find fuel, where we eat or buy things, what can we see or do here, where we go in case of an emergency, and where we should be aware of.

The app gives detailed information about roads, attractions, accommodations, camping's, gas stations, auto services, restaurants, shops, banks, currency, border control etc. Many sites have additional information such as contact details and descriptions.

It also has a Tracks4Africa planner with the largest campsite database for Africa, most campgrounds description, prices, contact information and what facilities they offer. Quite a few also feature photographs that were submitted by travellers. Along the way you have the opportunity to find accommodation and to calculate distances between locations. The app then displays a map with the route and voice instructions as you are used to from the GPS.

The app can be purchased in iTunes under Tracks4Afrika Overland Navigator. The current price is approximately USD 99 (prices may vary in different countries) and it is a one-time purchase. Once installed, you can use the app at all times.

Please contact us for more information regarding this App.

Please note: In South Africa, it is customary to first call the number, and then the street name. Occasionally there is no street name. Sometimes place names instead of English to Afrikaans or Xhosa indicated, this can lead to confusion. When you book accommodation through us you will receive directions as provided by the accommodation, this can help you could the GPS give problems.

In South Africa, almost everyone has a cell phone and everywhere asked to enter your mobile phone number. Sometimes you have at the entrance to the area where the lodge is located, call the front desk, and they open the gate for you. Very handy to then have a mobile phone at your disposal, but even if you get an unexpected breakdown and / or need help.

You can call The United Kingdom from any payphone. First 00 and 44, then the telephone number without the 0, depending on your provider for your cell phone in South Africa. However, the costs are quite high. You pay the cost to and from the United Kingdom. Depending on your phone provider, this can amount to approximately € 2 per minute.

You can also buy in South Africa itself a SIM card and credit and put it in your phone. At the airport and in the many existing phone stores, inter alia, MTN, Vodafone, Cell-C and Telkom you can buy a SIM card and credit. Credit (in South Africa called airtime) you can buy at the Pick & Pay supermarket and PEP stores. The range of mobile phones is not equally good.

You can also rent a mobile phone at the airport at the Vodacom store or buy a cheap (about R 200) phone at one of the many phone shops. This can be advantageous if you want to keep calling many in South Africa and also want your Dutch telephone within reach.

For example, if you take a motor home to South Africa's neighbouring countries, then a rental satellite phone is an option.

We are an agent for a satellite phone rental company.
The rental is approximately € 11 per day.

The satellite phone comes with a SIM card where you can choose from a prepaid package with 30, 50,100 and 200 minutes. You make a choice for the number of call minutes you require in advance. Failure to use these calling minutes will unfortunately not be refunded. If you use more voice minutes than your package allows then these additional costs will be calculated at the return of the phone (at the same rate per minute). Receiving a call is completely free of charge.

Send us an email if you want to use this service.

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In South Africa Internet cafes are everywhere especially in the big cities or Wi-Fi spots. Many accommodations also offer the use of Internet. Not always free and also not always wireless. Ask at reception about the possibilities.

There are many places, e.g. in the wildlife parks where there is no reception. This includes your mobile phone. In these places there often a satellite connection at the property. If you take your own laptop you can buy a dongle with Vodacom or MTN SIM card with your laptop and charge it with credit / data bundles.

You can also buy a dongle in the United Kingdom to buy a SIM card in SA at Vodafone or MTN and charge it with credit / data bundles.

A dongle is a small router, slightly larger than a USB stick. This is software for your laptop and wireless internet.

This allows you to phone anywhere and to use the internet.
The speed is up to 3GB thus significantly slower than in the United Kingdom.

An iPad or iPhone must have a USB port for the dongle or the opportunity to work with a SIM card.

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