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General Information Car Rental

To explore South Africa by car is the most appropriate way to get acquainted with this beautiful and diverse country. You will be amazed how quickly you feel at home on the South African roads.

The alternations in nature and landscape make traveling by car a pleasure. In general the roads are good, but there are also many smaller, sometimes un-tarmacked roads. It differs by province. For example, in the Wild Coast sometimes there are so many holes in the roads, you definitely have to drive slowly. Also in some national parks the roads are not always suitable for low-level cars because of the often un-tarmacked paths (so-called dirt roads). A solid robust car has less trouble with these roads. If you intend to visit many national parks we advise you to take a car that is higher from the ground or even a four wheel drive if you really want to find adventure and go off the beaten path.

The "dirt roads" often provide a shorter route than the "tar roads" and usually are more beautiful but in more remote areas. If you like adventure travel, we advise you to rent a 4x4 vehicle. You can then travel a lot more comfortable. We will keep you on familiar routes and then a mid-size car with air conditioning is also fine. Rather always have a larger car. There must be sufficient space for passengers and luggage. And if you're used to an automatic car, it might be wise to choose one. Small cars are only suitable for city traffic and short distances.

Many South Africans drive themselves, because of the above reasons and often use higher terrain cars and so-called "Bakkies". In general higher terrain cars are more enjoyable.

Take a look at the various options below. There are many beautiful roads to drive. Look below to get an idea of ​​some possibilities. Is your preferred route missing? No problem, we will be happy to make a customized trip according to your wishes. All tours with a rental car in principle we can adjust the length and expand it.

We are officially obliged to advise you before departure to obtain an international driving license. A British driver's license is often accepted (as long as it mentions in English at least "Driving License"), but the police may ask you for an international license. We and our customers have been in routine checks several times by the police and our drivers licenses were no problem. The English driving license is almost always accepted, however they may ask you to show your international driver's license, in which case it is nice if you have one. Our car rental companies do not ask for an international driving license. If you want to be sure, then buy an international driver's license and take with you a recent passport photo and driver's license. Recently, a customer told us that he had taken the risk of not obtaining an international driver's license. When there was a police check, he was given a fine of R2500! This was the first time in eight years that we have heard of this.

If you prefer not to drive yourself, ask us to quote for a driver for your proposal. It is obviously more expensive but it also has many advantages.

Through our subsidiary in South Africa, we can conclude contracts with top South African car rental companies.

With our extensive experience in the rental of cars in South Africa we offer quality, good service and good value. We also read the fine print and hidden fees and then made a choice. Below you will find our offers. We have agreements whereby we can offer a rental car at a competitive price in all countries in South-Africa.

Europcar, is based on our experience, the most attractive car rental company in Southern Africa. They have excellent service.

If you are used to driving with an automatic transmission at home, you can also do this in South Africa. Different categories offer cars with automatic transmission.

Border crossing is on request. Not all cars are allowed to visit all (neighbouring) countries. You must notify us in advance. The border crossing fees vary by country and car.

Through the hot summer days we recommend a car with air conditioning. The majority of the cars we offer are provided with air-conditioning.

A GPS is also a must if you want to travel comfortably. For a small fee you can rent it. Europcar also has an option for a Wi-Fi dongle where you have Internet on your phone if you want to use it as a GPS. Ask us about the possibilities.

Below you will find our selection of cars. Let us know if you can make a choice or whether you are looking for another car. We are happy help.

You can pick up your rental car after arriving at the airport or you can let it be delivered at your accommodation.

If you think you can find it cheaper elsewhere please let us know. Comparing car hire offers is often confused with the many insurance options etc. We try at all times to offer the best price!

Are you looking for a 4x4 car with camping gear? Look at the (4x4) motorhome rentals.

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Driver's license:
If you rent a camper, you must be in possession of an international driving license. If you do not have one, you will unfortunately not receive the motorhome from the rental company. You can buy an international driver's license at a post office.

The International Driving Permit is often called an IDP. Once you've got your International Driving Permit you will usually be able to drive in most countries overseas, just make sure you also have your full UK licence with you. It's required or recommended in over 140 countries - including the USA, Brazil and Hong Kong.

An example of an incident

Recently, there were some discussions on European TV about issues in which people have had an accident in South Africa because they drove on the wrong side of the road. The car rental company hold the renter liable for this and thus the all risk insurance costs are not covered in which case the renter is responsible for the damage to the car or replacement of the car.

It is true that this is the view generally in rental companies in South Africa who consider this as negligence and you are not covered in cases of negligence. Keep this in mind when you are traveling. This also applies to the motorhome and 4x4 suppliers.

Our regular supplier Europcar is generally known for the good service, quality and competitive prices, and thus we have contracted them as our main supplier.

Concerning the incident Europcar thereby gave the following statement:

"Our insurance covers the property damage to the vehicle, the passengers, third parties, water and undercarriage damage, tire and rim damage and windscreen damage."

However, these matters are not covered if there is intent or gross negligence.

This is, for example:
- Driving under the influence
- Driving too fast
- Ignoring the traffic rules
- Driving on roads where you are not allowed on or driving in poor conditions (like a sandstorm)
- A person who is not registered as additional driver for driving the car.

In England you drive on the same side as you would in South Africa, but If you are driving on the wrong side of the road, (like you would in Europe) out of habit, it is not seen as serious negligence and you will be covered. Should it, however, be one of the above reasons then the renter may be responsible for the entire cost of the car. An example would be that the driver is driving too fast; losing control over the steering wheel and ending up on the wrong side of the road.

Each case will be individually processed and evaluated. Only if it has been clearly intentional then Europcar will calculate the damage to the renter.