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Musical and historical
Jazz and history buffs should definitely pay a visit to Gauteng. In the South African province there is plenty history of apartheid and human rights.

In terms of climate Gauteng has two parts; the Highveld and the summer rainfall area. In Highveld the summers are warm and wind-free. The winters are crisp and clear. In the summer rain area the summers are hot. In winter it is cold and freezes, but it almost never snows in Gauteng.

Things to do
Tens of thousands of people visit weekly jazz bars, pubs, parks and community centres to enjoy jazz. Johannesburg's best jazz and blues place is the Blue Room at Village Walk. Another attraction is the Kippies Jazz International Club in Johannesburg. The club is named after the deceased saxophonist Kippie Morolong Moetetsi. Blackheath Pavilion you will find a Blue Jazz Restaurant where you can eat well with live jazz music.

Gold Reef City
Experience the gold rush of the century. Eight kilometres south of Johannesburg lay Gold Reef City. This mining town was until 1971 in use, now it is an exciting theme park full of rides. What is also nice is the tour where you descend into the mine and see how the gold was processed. In the evenings, customers come here to gamble in the casino or enjoy one of the shows.

Freedom Trail
In Gauteng you will find many reminders of the struggle for freedom. During an excursion along the Freedom Trail you see the most important places in Johannesburg, Soweto, the City of Tshwane and the township of Sharpeville.

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. Almost all intercontinental flights arrive at Johannesburg International Airport. For nightlife you send your customers to this metropolis. They get their hearts desire in the many restaurants and nightclubs. For culture lovers, the Museum Africa is interesting. This is the main museum in Johannesburg where you step in the history of South Africa. Another attraction is the Gandhi Square, a memorial to the Indian resistance fighter from the days of apartheid.

The black township of Soweto emerged during apartheid. The inhabitants waged a fierce struggle against apartheid. In Vilakazi Street live two winners of the Nobel Peace Prize; Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Kliptown is also worth visiting here as this is where Nelson Mandela signed the official Declaration of Human Rights, the Freedom Charter. This was the foundation of the current Constitution of South Africa.

City of Tshwane
In the city of Tshwane you find a decent contrast. Nelson Mandela was given his life sentence in the Palace of Justice. In the same city there are the Union Buildings where he was appointed to the first democratically elected president of South Africa in 1994. Visit in the City of Tshwane also the home of the deceased Sammy Marks. The house is still the same as on the day he died, you will look at the past.

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