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Fish River Canyon

In the south of Namibia lies the immense Fish River Canyon, one of the top three canyons in the world. The gorge has a total length of 160 km, a maximum width of 27 km and is up to 550 meters deep. It is an impressive piece of scenery that is worth a visit and where you can relax and enjoy beautiful views.

The Fish River, with a length of 650 kilometres, the longest river in Namibia, rises in the Naukluft Mountains and flows near the Ai-Ais resort in the Orange River. The Fish River Canyon officially starts at Seeheim and ends at Ai-Ais, where you will also find hot-springs. The most famous viewpoints are near Hobas where the river has several sharp curves which make the deep gorge Hell's Bend. The amount of water in the Fish River is dependent on the season and the rainfall, in the dry winter months there are often only a couple of pools of water in the river beds. The canyon is open all year round and an impressive sight.

The canyon was created by erosion and movements in the earth's crust millions of years ago. The canyon consists for the most part from black limestone and sandstone.

The water from the Fish River was an attractive residence for Bushmen who formerly lived in this area. Excavations show that Bushmen from both the San and the Khoi tribe stayed around the river 50 000 years ago.

In the area around the fishing river live many different kinds of insects, reptiles and birds including the African osprey, black stork, Egyptian goose, giant egret, White-breasted duiker and jackal birds. But also mammals such as mountain zebra, kudu, ibex, brown hyena, jackal, leopard, gemsbok and Klipspringer distinguished by the way of moving on the steep cliffs.

The viewpoints at Hobas (Main Viewpoint and Hiker's Viewpoint) are perfect for a day trip; at Main Viewpoint you can have a picnic or barbecue overlooking the deep ravines. You can only descend into the gorge with an experienced guide,  for example, the famous Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail of 86 kilometres in four or five days when the temperature allows it (it can be very hot in the summer months).