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False Bay

False Bay is located between Cape Hangklip (near Pringle Bay) with the highest point the Ball Mountain and Cape Point on the Peninsula. The name was created by the sailors coming from the East which were mistaken when they introduced the bay with the idea that they could build in Table Bay. Translated into Afrikaans it is Valsbaai ...

The climate in the False Bay is Mediterranean, but in winter storms and wind gusts here more warp than weft. The sea temperature here is about 6 degrees higher than in the Table Bay and that has to do with the influence of the warm current of the Indian Ocean.

In False Bay there is a small island called Seal Island where the Cape Fur Seals have their breeding place. And where seals are there is fish, but also the great white shark which is frequently spotted here. These sharks can see meters high from the ocean as they jump their prey, seals, and attacks.

Despite this danger in swimming, surfing, boating and scuba diving it is still popular in this beautiful quiet cove. To avoid accidents with the great white sharks beach guards who specialize in spotting the sharks can be found between Simon's Town and Muizenberg. Despite this precaution there is still an accident once or twice a year. What is safe is to observe sharks from a cage and you can take boat trips from Simon's Town to go cage diving.

In the South African spring it is also possible to see whales here and sometimes dolphins tumble and play there in the calm waters of False Bay.

Villages along the rugged cliffs but also along the beautiful 40 km long sandy beach which extends from Muizenberg to Gordon's Bay are; Simon's Town, Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, St James, Muizenberg, Strand, Gordon's Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooiels. For more information on these villages mentioned, look at cities on our website.