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Durban - Beachwood Golf Course

The course is part of the Durban Country Club and is located about 2 km north of the Durban Country Club Golf Course. This course is also located next to the Indian Ocean but is much less of a links course. You will find 41 bunkers around the greens and 33 fairways bunkers, four holes feature water hazards and most fairways are lined with trees. An additional element to make it exciting is the location, the course is near the Virginia airport where small planes take off and helicopters fly low and then ... concentration and precision are required here.

You play here while a cool breeze is blowing and a few meters away the waves crash against the rocks. Whether it is summer or winter, this place is stellar throughout the year for playing a round of golf. Once built around a native mangrove swamp by Percy Gilbert Stiebel it was redesigned in 1995 by the Gary Player Group, with the result that the mangrove marsh is now one of the last on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. And as many courses that you will find in this coastal region you will also find many 'strange and unusual' birds!

Designed by: Gary Player Design Company
Type: Semi-links golf course
Holes: 18
Par: 72
Fairway Grass: Cynodon
Grass Greens: Paspalum
Length: 6016m (Ladies: 5308m)
Beachwood GPS co-ordinates - 29º 46 '53 "S, 31º 3' 2" E

Durban - Durban Country Club

The 1922 Durban Country Club opened  and is known as one of the best Golf Courses in South Africa with the best 3rd hole in the world were the South African open took place 16 times. It is a club that has stood the test of time wonderfully. It is a course that has been in the top 5 of South Africa's Golf Digest Magazine and named in the top 100 in the world.

With dense forests, native trees, tropical vegetation and undulating fairways it is hard to imagine that this course is right in the centre of Durban. But it is also beautifully located in the dunes of the Indian Ocean. This semi Links course is beautiful but also demanding and if you want to score here you really have to play well! The strong wind that blows here will be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. Durban Country Club is a course that is still an extreme challenge for the best golfer and it is definitely not a course to learn the wonderful game of golf!

Designed by George Waterman and LB Walters
Re-designed by Gary Player
Type: Semi-links golf course
Holes / Par: 18/72
Fairway Grass: Cynodon
Grass Greens: Paspalum
Length: 6111m (Ladies: 5294m)
DCC GPS co-ordinates - 29º 49 '40 "S, 31º 2' 2" E