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The Drakensberg is the largest mountain range in South Africa and runs like a backbone of about 200 kilometres long from north to south along the Lesotho border, where it is called the Maluti. It is a spectacular, breath-taking but also eerie wonderland! With its high peaks that are covered with snow in winter, deep cliffs and rushing waterfalls, Yellowwood forests and green valleys it is a beautiful place on earth to explore. It is not called the KwaZulu-Natal's 2nd National Heritage Site for nothing. The Zulu people call this area the uKhahlamba which means; 'Barrier of spears'.

Take the only access road (4x4 road) to this natural spectacle called the Sani pass and visit there the highest pub in the world, 3000 meters above sea level! It was once the territory of the San / Bushmen and you can also find through the valleys more than 4000 Bushmen petroglyphs. Giant's Castle area is rich in paintings and you can visit the cave museum to see how the San lived here. The area is divided into four valleys. Champagne Valley and the central mountains, the Cathedral Peak in the Didima Valley, Royal Natal National Park and Amphitheatre Valley and finally the Middle Dale Pas Valley in the Northern Mountains. Each has its own character, charisma and beauty.

Throughout the area you will find many types of antelopes and majestic vulture's, but also baboons, jackals and caracal are hiding here. A total of almost 300 species of birds and 48 species of mammals can be found here in an area with rare vegetation. Near Giants Castle is the 'Vulture' Restaurant where the Bearded Vulture and Black Eagle are regularly spotted.

Royal Natal National Park
This National Park is located in the north of the Drakensberg and is famous for the amphitheatre. Over a length of 5 kilometres, the mountain peaks above 900 meters and forms a crescent. There is one area that provokes extreme outdoor activities such as climbing a ladder to the top. What is also magnificent is the Tugela Falls waterfall that hurtles down no less than 948 meters and it may be the highest waterfall in the Drakensberg, but it is by far not the only one! In this 8000-hectare park you can visit the Cannibal Cave and there are plenty of hikes for beginners but also for advanced tourists.

Cathedral Peak and Didima Valley
This area has a natural monument in the form of two huge rocks forming a gap, something seen nowhere else in the Drakensberg. What is also breath-taking is the Doreen Falls and the trip to Mike's Pass (accessible by 4x4). Cathedral Peak has the best hiking areas. In Mlambonja valley you can find numerous Zulu villages scattered on the slopes of the mountains. The Ndedema Gorge is a protected area where you can still find many San Bushmen paintings.

The Cathkin and Champagne Valley
The first Scottish visitors to the Drakensberg mountain named the Cathkin after an area around Glasgow and with Champagne castle and the Monk's Cowl is one of the highest peaks of the Drakensberg. Champagne Valley is known for numerous sports activities that you can take. In particular, the golf courses are fantastic. What is also famous here is the highly acclaimed Drakensberg Boys' Choir School, because pure and clear they sing at high altitudes ... you can hear them at school on Wednesday afternoon.

Lost Valley and Middle Pass
In this desolate northern area of ​​the Drakensberg settled a "white community" a group that split off from the Voortrekkers Piet Retief once. What is of historical value is the hand-made bridge by people which is still in use!

In and around the Drakensberg you will find antique art to ceramics, shoes and glass factories but also hand-woven rugs and candles.

There are numerous walking and hiking tours and you can go canoeing and river rafting. You can also go wildlife watching or birds? Fishing and horseback riding for the animal lover or golf if you like the green rolling fairways! You can also go mountain biking, quad biking and there are 4x4 trails for those who want to move quickly. And when you want to get your feet off the ground, you can go abseiling, balloon sailing or take a helicopter flight...