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In the media you will regularly find discounts on travel. Last minute discount, early booking discount, group discounts and so on. South Africa Specialist offers you the lowest possible price; the discounts are already included in our published travel options. If a trip is customized, we also use our special purchase. So there are no additional discounts to achieve this lower price level.

Please note: The prices on our website for accommodations, are completed by the accommodation itself and therefore it is the price to their own regular customers.

We can let you benefit from our special purchase - without having to make a concession to the quality - through our unique corporate structure. For example, we calculate for example, no booking fees and / or fees if you book your trip with us. We work directly with you and the supplier. Our sales team is based in South Africa where the cost of labour, etc. is lower than in the United Kingdom. Our prices will be lower than our competitors. If you book directly via their website you pay retail prices, with us you can profit from our good purchase.

Our sales office is in South Africa, so we can also provide optimal on-site support and be available in an emergency day and night. Because we work with South African workers, we cannot just work as cheaply as possible - so you pay the lowest price for your holiday in South Africa - but you are guaranteed to skilled personnel who know the country well.

We only use the Internet and we have no expensive travel guides, no high postage costs, no expensive travel documents folders, so.... lower cost, environmentally friendly, and which is obviously important to you: lower travel prices!

You can reach us by a Dutch and Belgian internet telephone from the Netherlands or Belgium and you will pay the regular local Dutch or Belgian phone costs. You will be spoken to in English. Within South Africa, you can reach us by a South African number. See our contact details.

So you book directly with us, without going through travel agents. This direct way of working with suppliers and making use of labour in South Africa carry you and we contribute to improving the living standards of many South Africans. A nice feeling that your holiday is also another benefit!

Finally: You pay no bank charges for international payments, because we have Dutch bank accounts. There is no risk with credit card payments over the internet and no credit card fees.

In short, we can utilize using current techniques - you are always given the benefit of the lowest price but the best quality!

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