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Customized Proposals

Is the journey as you have it in mind and do not want our entire package? Opt for a customized trip. The trip will be tailored for you based on your needs and budget.

What steps are taken for a customized trip:

Orientation phase: you give us an overview of your needs and your budget. We try to achieve the above requirements within your budget. Otherwise if your needs and budget are not in line with each other, we will inform you. You will receive a comprehensive proposal and a price indication at this stage. You give us a response within one week by email or by telephone. This stage is free.

Information phase: You have responded positively to the overall proposal. Any changes or additional requests you have are given to us and taken by us in the development of the proposal. You will receive an invoice for the development of the customized tour of € 100. This amount is requested and deducted from the price. If certain parts of the proposal or specific accommodations are essential for you we - for example, do a closer inspection related to availability - if we cannot offer it to you, you will receive the deposit back.

Working-out phase: we operate the program from day to day for you and you will receive the full itinerary with overnight accommodations. Wherever possible, we provisionally book the accommodations and other travel components without obligation to you as an option. You will receive the specified program / trip proposal by email and give us your reaction within 2 working days. This is in connection with the expiry dates of provisional bookings.

Booking phase: you have agreed with the program / trip proposal from the development phase. You will receive a payment invoice with the already paid € 100, which is deducted. If you are booking within 7 weeks before your departure, you pay the full amount. See our payment terms. We will then definitely book the travel components for you now. From this moment the booking conditions apply for changes and cancellation. You receive an invoice separately showing the appropriate remaining amount with the corresponding due dates. Roughly 2 to 3 weeks before departure you will receive the travel documents and other necessary information by email.