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South Africa is in the southern hemisphere. The sun is at its peak here in December and the afternoon in the North! The seasons are opposite to those in England. The climate is mostly temperate, only the peripheral regions in the east have a subtropical climate. In the south-west a Mediterranean climate dominates. In the central highlands temperatures rarely climb above 30 degrees.

Still further north, the climate is dry and hot. The hottest is on the east coast with an average temperature of 20.6 degrees Celsius in Durban. During the day it is in Durban in the summer an average of 27 degrees and in the winter an average of 22 degrees. The temperature on the West Coast is kept uniformly low by the cold Benguela current and the temperature on the east coast uniformly high through the warm Agulhas stream. The hottest month in the inland is January and the hottest month on the coast is February. In the north October and November are warm months because of summer rains.

In the upper inland it freezes frequently, in the mountainous southeast over 100 nights a year. Because of the low humidity there is no more than a thin layer of snow. In 2/3 of South Africa there is less than 500mm of rainfall per year. Most precipitation falls in the north and east in the summer time. But Cape Town has the most rain in the months of June / September (winter). The rain often fall in short heavy showers and then again sunshine. West of the eastern mountain ridges is the least rain. From east to west it is getting drier and in the central part even a steppe climate prevails. In cities like Bloemfontein and Kimberley it can easily be 30 degrees. The number of sunny hours is high. In Madrid, the sun is shining an average of 2910 hours per year, in Lisbon an average of 2740 hours per year in Cape Town an average of 2980 hours and 3240 hours in Pretoria. The coastal towns of the Cape and KwaZulu-Natal received an average of 300 sunny hours over the Canary Islands.

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