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City Citrusdal

Citrusdal is located in the Olifants River Valley in the Western Cape Province, between the "Koue bokke veld" and the Cederberg Mountains. It is an area where beautiful indigenous nature, the natural hot water baths, rooibos tea, buchu and lots of fruit are.

It was founded in 1916 by the Lower German Reformed church to meet the terms of the Olifants River Valley in its religious needs. The church bought a part of the Middle Post Farm and a start was made for the village.

Located between Cape Town and Namibia is a beautiful country to enjoy peace, space and many citrus orchards. In the village there is a museum which refers to the days of the Khoisan and there you will find the 'Sandveld huisie "a replica of one of the first houses of Citrusdal, now a place for snacks and trinkets.

If you are here on the first Saturday of the month, then you should visit the local market to enjoy seasonal products, but also plenty of fresh homemade jams, biscuits and cakes and of course trinkets made by the locals.

And after all the goodies it might be a good idea for a sporty activity. Let's start easy. The Olifants River is one of the best fishing rivers in South Africa, so you can go fishing and it is good to know which native fish, you can catch on the hook. The Clanwilliam Yellow Fish, the "Rooivlerkie" the Clanwilliam Sand Fish and Barnard's "Cliff Baber 'fish are found nowhere else in the world, as good a fisherman you know we have to make sure to preserve these species. See therefore first on what kinds of fish you can fish. In addition, make sure that you are in possession of a fishing license.

From the water to the green rolling hills on the banks of the river there is the 9-hole golf course-Citrusdal Golf Club with the view of the Olifants River and the majestic Cederberg Mountains.

There are numerous walking and Hiking trails in different categories with a time length of 15 minutes to 8 hours and extend up to 3 days. Not so familiar with this popular sports in an environment like this? Then we recommend you to account for lights and to go out with a guide. A relatively short walk is going to the Cedar Mountain Winery, near the farm where Cross River where there is an observatory. Stargazing is a true experience here! The beautiful nature reserve where you can walk, surveyed by the farmers and private owners, and thus it ensures that the Clanwilliam Cedar tree and the Cape Leopard does not go extinct.

The Wild Flower season (Aug-Sept) is exciting to just drive around, get out and to photograph and have picnics in the early spring sunshine. Keep the sun on your back and the Namaqua Daisies will run to you, look for admiration, especially light and warmth! Take the Bo River trail 30 km, Ceres Gravel Road by Koubokkeveld Mountains 115 km, the Hex River Road 29 km towards Algeria or 58 km towards Clanwilliam or the road to the Warm Baths direction Citrusdal 30 km, so that we can assure you in advance on the road quality.

Here in the Cederberg there are lots of 4x4 driving trails, some with night spots. Again, you should prepare well for the right car and the right supplies. Never take risks!

And whether you are on foot or by car or 4x4 to go off course it is wonderful to deal with a trip to one of the many Rock Art paintings. In the mountains around Citrusdal there are plenty of places where you can go and see these centuries' old drawings of the Khoi and San people.

Adventurers near Citrusdal go rock climbing to Wolf Mountain Arch and the Cracks, the Maltese Cross, Table Mountain or Sneeuberg and less fitting Maalgat pole and the City Saal caves.

A really fun adventure for the whole family (children from 3 years welcome) is to participate in a Zip Slide Tour, 8 times "foefie slide" over a length of 1.4 km along rock formations and rivers by the Ceres Valley.