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City Ceres

Ceres named after the Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture, is located in the Western Cape Province 170 kilometres north of Cape Town. It lies in the Warm Bokkeveld valley, a very fertile valley that is well known by its fruit.

Ceres has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summer temperatures, winters are cool to cold and wet, and in the higher areas called the Kouebokkeveld you can expect snowfall. Something the Cape still has great appeal to. The name Ceres takes you around the world like juice, locals in Ceres also has cherry picking at "Klondyke" farm in the summer and snow in winter. In addition, you will find the name of the mineral water that comes from here. Here they grow peaches, nectarines, apricots, apples, cherries, plums and grapes and ready for export. The fruit harvest takes place between December and April and it is a great time to do a tour here along several fruit farms. Ceres is surrounded by Wolseley, Tulbagh, Op-die-Berg and Prince Alfred Hamlet, is accessible from Mitchell's Pass, the Theron Mountain Pass and the Gydo Pass. It is a fantastic view of the valley in spring when the snow gives way to the beautiful blossoms.

The Valley and Ceres have influenced many writers with its beauty and the rich history of this country and the old farmhouses you will come regularly in the many stories about rural life in South Africa. Just behind the Theron Mountain Mountains, the endless horizon of the Karoo an area of ​​unique animal and plant life and magnificent Private Game Reserves. And not only in daylight, the view is very nice but especially when night falls and the stars appear in the sky is a breath-taking spectacle. Once this area belonged to the San and Khoi and the Petroglyphs are still there as proof. Here you can find the best preserved San rock art in South Africa. It is best to have a guide to go out to soak up this wonderful nature and culture.

Much later, when Ceres was an important place for the miners on their way to Kimberley the Old Toll House came, located just below the railroad where it crosses Mitchell's Pass. Here they had to pay to access the diamond minefields. Now it is a national monument and there is also a small restaurant where you can sample local delicacies. It is also a place for the bird lover who often walks and from here you can find the Protea Serin (Serinus Leucopterus), the Bandkeelkleinjantjie (Apalis Thoacia) and Swee Waxbill (Estrilda melanotis).

Katbakkies Pass or Pear Tree Kloof Pass is also a very popular place for bird watchers passing with a normal car, we would not recommend you take a dirt road, that 4x4 roads and try to avoid the sharp stones! You can visit the Ceres Transport Riders Museum and as learn more about the people, animals and plants and transport from a bygone age but also hear more about the earthquake that took place here in 1969. There are all sorts of activities and trips that they have so you can book a tour of fruit in season, or visit the local fruit stand, homemade jams and chutneys and more importantly you can taste them here. You can go cherry picking from mid-November to late December. Or go to 'Ceres Fruit Juices' trials in Ceres Transport Riders Museum.

A fun adventure for the whole family (children from 3 years welcome) is to go Zip lining in the mountains, actively participate in a Zip Slide Tour, 8 times "foefie-sliding" over a length of 1.4 km along rock formations and rivers by the Ceres Valley. And in this place of peace and tranquillity there is also place for the adventurer, because of the beautiful nature with water and rock formations that can be explored. Go into this paradise with the bike; take walking and hiking tours (pre-arranged). You can go abseiling or rock climbing. Venture out by a 4x4 or by quad biking and if you want to relax quietly stare out the unruffled water when you're trout fishing. The golfer plays in a beautiful area, but unfortunately it is a 9-hole course.

Discover rural life and see that different areas have their own charm. The Warm Bokkeveld "between Ceres and Prince Alfred Hamlet is rich in agriculture, Bo-Smaarmoed located at the foot of the Matroosberg is known for its cherries, the snow in winter, proteas and the breath-taking views of the Ceres Valley. The Koue Bokkeveld with her small village Op-die-Berg is located in the centre of the apple and pears. The Ceres Karoo region will amaze you with its endless horizon and diverse and surprising flora and fauna. At the Prince Alfred Pass you will find the Keurbooms Conservancy where there is more than 30 000 hectares of land protected which includes native wildlife that can grow again and bloom profusely.

The suit; Mitchell's Pass, Gydo Pass, Katbakkies Pass (or Peerboomskloof  Pass) and Therons Pass offer the perfect landscape for beautiful pictures or just beautiful moments and views to remember forever. Make sure you are informed well in advance about weather and road conditions. We do not recommend to a normal sedan but a 4x4 vehicle.