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City Cape Town

The versatility of the City of Cape Town makes it a perfect destination! Think of a vibrant nightlife, wine country, great food, good wines and beautiful white beaches & blue water. In short, this city has something to offer for young and old. The vibrant Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is not to be missed if you are in Cape Town. Here there are promenades, streets, bars and meeting places for Cape residents. Boats also sail here for a trip across the sea and you can visit some museums.

Table Mountain Cableway
When you say Cape Town, you say Table Mountain. This impressive mountain is over a thousand meters high and has a characteristic flattened top. You can walk to the top, but most people take the cable car. In 2008 Table Mountain was designated as one of the 430 nominees from 220 countries natural wonders. In the first round there are 28 official candidates nominated, including Table Mountain in Cape Town.

The seven winners of the international voting for the new world wonders are: the Amazon; Halong Bay; Jeju Island; Puerto Princesa Underground River; Komodo; the waterfalls of Iguazu; and Table Mountain. What makes Table Mountain so special? It is mainly the particular shape reminiscent of a table format. Table Mountain is about 3 kilometres long and up to 1 086 meters high.

Slave Lodge
The bitter history of the slave trade comes to life in the Slave Lodge. Previously there was the cultural history museum. Part of the collection is to be seen, but the museum is increasingly focusing on the history of the slave trade.

South African National Gallery
The foundation of the National Gallery is a (European) collection of paintings from the 17th to the 20th century. In recent years the museum buys more and more work by artists from southern Africa. The very intrusive "The Butcher Boys" is one of the highlights.

Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point
The south-western tip of South Africa is part of Table Mountain National Park. It is beautiful nature with spectacular views. You can also stay there and enjoy a variety of (sport) activities.

Two Oceans Aquarium
One of the most beautiful sea-aquariums in the world is the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. It is a wonderful view of the marine life in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Daredevils can go in the aquarium for shark diving to feed these predators.

Gold of Africa Museum
African goldsmiths were and are masters in crafting this precious metal. This museum traces the finest jewellery, crowns and other gold objects from Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and South Africa.

Robben Island
Robben Island is best known as the late president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned there for years. Now it's a museum as a living memorial to the victory over apartheid.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
It is the largest botanical garden of South Africa and one of the finest in the world. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is located on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. What is special is that it (almost) exclusively grows native flowers and plants.

Township Tour
A tour of a township is no 'looking at monkeys'. You will meet the residents, visit social projects and support the economy by purchasing local produce. Some tour operators use part of the proceeds for projects in the townships.

Tasting wine
The Western Cape is the centre of the South African wine industry. With a day trip to the wine regions you cannot only taste the wines, but should also enjoy nature and culture.

District 6 Museum
District 6 was stated by the apartheid regime to be a "blank area" in 1965. This meant that more than 60 000 people (at that time about a tenth of the population) were forced to move to the barren Cape Flats. This vibrant part of Cape Town has become an important part in the history of Cape Town. In 1994, a museum was dedicated to show how alive this displaced community was. There are still people working in the museum who have experienced this time and are there to tell about it. It is found on the outskirts of the then district in Cape Town.

Lions Head
This Mountain is located between the city centre and along the Atlantic coastal districts of Sea Point and Camps Bay. It is 670 meters high and offers views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. The view from the top is amazing. You look out on the harbour, the 12 Apostles, Camps Bay, Table Mountain, Devils Peak, Signal Hill and the Cape Flats. The best time is during sunrise or sunset. It's quite a climb but well worth it. The car can be parked on the Signal Hill Road.

Signal Hill
Daily at 12:00 an old cannon from 1890 (noon gun) is shot at Signal Hill. Originally, this gun was designed to defend the harbour. It is loaded with 1.5 kg of gunpowder each day.

Bo Kaap
Bo Kaap (Above Cape Town) lives Cape Muslims who were slaves or exiled. They wanted to live close to the existing mosques after the abolition of slavery. This was against the hill at Signal Hill. To this day they still live here. You'll still find their traditional houses and mosques here. There is also the Bo-Kaap museum. Atlas Trading Store is a shop full of herbs. Typical Cape Malay dishes are Bobotie (stewed lamb, chutney and yellow rice), Breyani (rice with lentils and lamb or chicken) and Samoosa (pastry filled with chicken, vegetables and curry). Through the centuries, the Malaysian culture and eating habits completely incorporated in South Africa.

South African Museum
The museum was founded in 1825 and shows the history of South Africa through dioramas and various exhibitions. The most important is surely the collection of fossilized bones, extinct reptiles and the replica of a whale skeleton. Yet there are everyday objects added to the immense collection. Next to the museum is the Planetarium.

Castle of Good Hope
Then one VOC fort of wood and clay was built in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck arrived. Between 1666 and 1679 it was replaced by this castle that was built by the Dutch East India Company. It is the oldest building in South Africa. In the castle you will find a military museum, a collection of art and furniture from the VOC period, foundations of a bakery and pool (discovered during restoration of the castle), restaurant, ballroom, torture chamber and the dungeon.

Greenmarket Square
Greenmarket Square is a square which is found in the centre of Cape Town. Here are many historic buildings. The square has been declared a national monument and has been since the 18th century a functioning market and is therefore the oldest open-air market in the city. It used to be a green market, today it is a market with mainly clothing, jewellery and leather goods. Except Sundays there is a market every day.

Groot Constantia
In 1685 Simon van der Stel was governor of the Cape, which he called a large estate Constancy. After he was deceased the estate was sold and redistributed. The vineyards are located on the south eastern slopes of Table Mountain. The grapes benefit from the fertile soil and the mild Mediterranean climate. During a visit you can taste five wines, get a tour of one of the wineries or a combination thereof. There are two restaurants; Simon's Restaurant and Jonker House (Cape Malay). It is open 7 days a week.

The Company Gardens
The oldest garden in South Africa, the Company Gardens, in Upper Adderly Street in the centre of Cape Town, was built by Jan van Riebeek in 1652 as a vegetable garden for fresh vegetables for passing ships. Today the park is home to a variety of native and exotic plants, a bird house and a restaurant. A yellow pear tree is believed to have been planted right after Van Riebeek's arrival.

Beaches in and around Cape Town
Clifton Bay: sheltered thus hot, divided into four small beaches.
Camps Bay: white beach with palm trees, often high winds and expensive homes & Ferraris.
Llandudno: sheltered wide beach with high waves, one of the most beautiful beaches, beautiful sunset and a good alternative to Camps Bay en quieter, more shade and good surfing.
Bloubergstrand: This beach is famous for kitesurfing and paragliding. From here you have a magnificent view of Table Mountain.

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Cape Town Beaches

Information about beaches around Cape Town and the Western Cape
The white beaches of Clifton Beach (1 to 4) are among the trendiest beaches of Cape Town. It's a place to see and be seen, to bake brown slowly and to see para-gliders in the air. On the beaches of Clifton it is about glitz and glamour and beautiful people. The four small beaches separated by impressive rock formations (boulders) that protect the beach-goers from the harsh southeast wind. It is for families, models, gays, something for everyone. Clifton is one of the ten best beaches in the world. It is known for its breath-taking sunsets. Pack a picnic basket and settle on the still warm sand and get ready for spectacular and colourful spectacles.

Clifton has no restaurants or shops, but sellers walk around with ice cream, drinks and snacks. You can rent a beach chair and umbrella for a small fee. Every beach of Clifton attracts a different audience: on Clifton 1 & 2 you will find mostly models, Clifton 3 is traditionally the beach for the male gay scene and Clifton 4 bring families with children for the day. Clifton is about seeing and being seen. You can throw a Frisbee; see para-gliders, go whale watching (from September to January), volleyball, surfing, body boarding and natural tan!

Camps Bay is one of the most famous beaches of Cape Town. It is a little further than Clifton but along the same coastal road. Camps Bay is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic mountains of Twelve Apostles. At the beach of the cosmopolitan Camps Bay and the palm-lined promenade you will find dozens of cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs. Just around the corner you will also find luxury apartments, nice Bed & Breakfasts and five star hotels in. On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and ice cream, drinks and snacks are sold. Especially for children there is a pool filled with seawater. Camps Bay has something for everyone and is open all year round for sunbathers, volleyball players, models, surfers and families so it is the perfect place for a wonderful day at the beach.

The seaside location, quiet and intimate is Bakoven which is close to Camps Bay towards Llandudno. It is located in one of the most beautiful bays of Cape Town. Here peace prevails. From Bakover you have an unforgettable view of the Twelve Apostles, Lion's Head and of course the ocean. Staying in Bakoven is a guarantee of amazing sunsets. Driving a little further along the coast brings you to another beautiful beach; Llandudno Beach. This laid-back beach is popular with body boarders, surfers, sunbathers and anyone looking for a romantic place to watch the sunset. Because it is located just a little further than Camps Bay, Llandudno beach is quieter than Clifton or Camps Bay Beach. And you will find a parking space easier. At Llandudno there are no shops or restaurants, but sellers bring you snacks, drinks and ice cream. Deck chairs and umbrellas you can rent in Llandudno for a small fee. Activities on the beach at Llandudno include: Body boarding, sunbathing, watching romantic sunsets, picnics, whale watching (from September to December), surfing and snorkelling.

Sandy Bay is a beautiful nude beach adjacent with Llandudno. This beach, which is particularly popular with the gay scene, you have to make a 20 minute walk over a little winding path. It is a white sand beach with a magnificent view over the Atlantic Ocean and the ideal place to sunbathe naked. Sandy Bay is surrounded by white sand dunes and a steep mountainside. Follow the signs 'Sandy Bay Beach' from the parking lot to Llandudno Beach.

Bloubergstrand in Table Bay gives undoubtedly the best views of Cape Town and Table Mountain. This image has also been put on different postcards hundreds of times. Bloubergstrand is known as THE surf spot of Cape Town. From Bloubergstrand you also have a fantastic view of Robben Island. On this island it was partly where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during apartheid. Bloubergstrand is not only known the famous view. On Bloubergstrand you can, with the southeast wind do good kite surfing, windsurfing and kiting. Every year several large events are held at Bloubergstrand. Take your binoculars along to see the whales, which migrate along the coast between September and December to mate and give birth. Blouberg offers something for everyone: sports enthusiasts, families, nature lovers and sun worshipers. Activities at Blouberg: kite surfing, kite flying, whale watching, sunbathing and hiking.

Muizenberg: This beach on the 'warm' side of the peninsula and is especially popular among local families, novice surfers and surf dudes- and dudettes. Unfortunately, there are often traffic jams towards the beach. However, the journey will be rewarded with a nice view of the surf coloured cottages. Make sure that there are no shark alerts before going into the sea!

In Kommetjie you will find a long beach, the beach is between Kommetjie and Noordhoek. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the cape peninsula. Kommetjie and Noordhoek are enjoyable and the beaches are especially suitable for families, windsurfers and local Kommetjie-ers. Long Beach is not a beach where people just come to sunbathe. This is certainly the beach where you can go horseback riding and where dogs are allowed. Dogs are not allowed on many beaches in the summer but they are in Noordhoek.

Hout Bay is another popular beach: Hout Bay Beach provides the perfect spot for a sundowner, a walk or to get some fresh air before you settle on one of the verandas. Well known is the walkway of the Dunes and the seafood restaurant Mariners Wharf. It is a beautiful beach, long and white, where the water is cold, but the atmosphere is warm. Hout Bay is also a nice place, where traditional diving will be held on New Year's Day each year.

If you want to see penguins, you can drive to Boulders Beach. From Muizenberg you drive through Kalk Bay to Simon's Town. This is the third-oldest city in South Africa (after Cape Town and Stellenbosch), which is the town you can see them from. But even more famous are the residents of the local penguin colony at Boulders Beach, has hundreds of tourists every day on this particular beach. At the penguin colony itself you are not supposed to get undressed and dive into the water. There is a beach nearby where you can sunbathe and go in the sea.

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Going out in Cape Town

Nightlife places in Cape Town

A selection of the best clubs, bars and live music in and around Cape Town

Cape Town is known for its beautiful nature, the eventful history, the laid-back vibe and ... nightlife. Even the most fanatical and night owls constantly find new and unknown places in Cape Town. Cape Town is packed with top nightspots; the following overview presents 10 of the top spots in Cape Town.

1. Top of the list in Gugulethu's Meat Walhalla Mzoli's Cape Town
Mzoli's is a popular hangout in the middle of the Gugulethu Township. You can tear pieces of marinated meat with your bare hands. Why Mzoli's is popular, you notice immediately. Hundreds of people go to Mzoli's in one day to enjoy the food and music. The DJ wags his house music to the huge crowd until everyone is bumping street dancing with pieces of braaiwors in hand.
NY115 | Gugulethu | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 638 1355+27 (0) 21 638 1355

2. Festivities with the elite at St Yves Beach Club, Camps Bay
It's good to be at St Yves. The club attracts especially the fashionistas of Cape Town. The DJ spins sultry house music. Take a seat on one of the chairs with a cocktail and enjoy the beauty around you.
(St. Yves Beach Club | The Promenade, Victoria Road | Camps Bay | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 438 7717+27 (0) 21 438 7717

3. Mingle among the A-listers at Tiger Tiger, Claremont Cape Town
For a decadent night out partying step in at Tiger Tiger. The club has cozy seating areas with candlelight. Then you mix with the crowd of Tiger Tiger and meet TV and sports stars.
(Tiger Tiger | 103 Main Road | Stadium on Main | Upper Ground Level | Claremont | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 683 2220+27 (0) 21 683 2220

4. Live music and dupstep at Mercury, Cape Town
Mercury introduces you to the sound engineers of the world. It also ensures international music talent for great music repertoires. Weekdays When Karma Sleeps and Finlay Ouay stand on stage. On the weekend you move your feet on the floor during the dubstep nights.
(Mercury | 65 Buitengraght Street | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 465 2106+27 (0) 21 465 2106

5. All magic of the circus at La Fez, Cape Town
La Fez literally steals the show. An Evening at La Fez does not finish without spectacular dancers, stilt walkers and delicious electro music. Thereby the audience here will get quite a spectacular show evening.
(Fez Club | 11 Mechau Street | Cape Town | +27 (0) 86 178 7737

6. Half of the week the temperature goes up to Casa Blanca, Cape Town
To see and be seen; That is the key to Casa Blanca in Greenpoint. The interior is elegant and beautiful women walking around in heels and cocktails in hand. Until late at night you can enjoy tech house and sexy beats.
(Casa Blanca | 12A-12B Portswood Road | Green Point | Cape Town | +27 (0) 84 792 4092+27 (0) 84 792 4092

7. Let all the stops out to Jou Ma Se Comedy Club, Woodstock Cape Town
For an evening of comedy go along to Jou Ma Se Comedy Club. You can laugh unabashedly at local cabaret performances. Jou Ma Se Comedy Club can be found in a historic building that has flourished with vintage furniture and a large wooden stage.
(Jou Ma Se Comedy Club | The Pump House | Dock Road | V & A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 418 8880+27 (0) 21 418 8880

8. Sunset at La Mizu Beach Bar, Milnerton Cape Town
South Africa is known for breathtaking sunsets. La Mizu Beach Bar is located on the beach and, besides the sunset there is a great view of Table Mountain. The deck of La Mizu exudes luxury and comfort. In short, La Mizu is an excellent place for consuming a freshly made cocktail.
(La Mizu Beach Bar | Lagoon Gate Drive | Milnerton | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 528 2000+27 (0) 21 528 2000

9. Delicious men in Crew, De Waterkant Cape Town
Crew has spared no effort in their selection of bartenders. Here you will find the most delicious servers of Cape Town. The club also features a large dance floor, verandas and an exclusive VIP section. The music Crew is "the crème de la crème".
(Crew | 30 Napier Street | Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 418 0118+27 (0) 21 418 0118+27 (0) 21 418 0118+27 (0) 21 418 0118

10. Singing and dancing waiters at Stardust, Rondebosch Cape Town
Stardust serves meals with a surprising twist of dancing waiters. The spinning stars consist of both professional dancers and students. In addition, the Stardust menu has a Mediterranean touch with a sublime chocolate fondue.
(Stardust | 165 Main Road | Rondebosch | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 686 6280+27 (0) 21 686 6280+27 (0) 21 686 6280+27 (0) 21 686 6280

Source: Cape Town Magazine November 2010

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Cape Town Tips

South Africa has eight World Heritage sites. That is not surprising when one looks at the spectacular diversity in culture, nature and wildlife South Africa has to offer. Valleys, forests, beaches and mountain travellers from around the world attracts to itself like a magnet. Cape Town has it all and that the city can be proud of. The best thing about a city is that it has something to do for everyone. Whether you like luxury, like to bust around in nature, if you thirst for historical lessons or want to feel adrenaline flowing through the body; The Mother City has it for you! Because Cape Town has so much to offer we have compiled the top 50 of the trips.

1 - A journey through the soul of Cape jazz
Combine wonderful jazz with a visit to a township with a half-day tour at Coffee Beans Routes. The visit includes the house of the talented South African jazz musician Mac Mackenzie. Learn how Mac's creativity and talent has developed during apartheid in the townships. During a performance of Mac you will enjoy a typical Cape dinner. The tour includes transportation from Cape Town (Coffee Beans Routes) +27 (0) 21 424 3572+27 (0) 21 424 3572 +27 (0) 21 424 3572+27 (0) 21 424 3572.

 2 - Abseiling for extreme adventure
Are you a daredevil and looking for adventure? Then this excursion will fit you like a glove. With qualified guide, you go for a walk along the River Gorge and then you end up with a refreshing natural source. From here you climb to a peak of 22 meters high, to abseil down from that height (Abseil Africa)

3 - A rare opportunity to experience a gospel tour in a township
Experience how the locals in the townships live their Gospel. The spirit of Ubuntu can be felt especially when the gospel choir songs are sung in their local church. In one session, the guide takes you on a unique Sunday service. Enjoy the swinging South African evangelical church! (Camissa) +27 (0) 21 462 6199+27 (0) 21 462 6199 +27 (0) 21 462 6199+27 (0) 21 462 6199

4 - Nail your history on a walking tour through the streets of Cape Town
Footsteps to Freedom leaves you with an affordable city tour to see the history of Cape Town. With a specialized guide you stroll through the colourful streets of Cape Town. Explore the cultural hotspots of the mother city in half a day and go 350 years back in time. You'll go along the Greenmarket Square and Castle of Good Hope. With Footsteps to Freedom, you can also have a private walking tour in a smaller group (Footsteps to Freedom).

 5 - Rise early for the unforgettable South African safari near Cape Town
See with your own eyes the wild animals in their natural environment in a natural park which is surprisingly close to Cape Town. Led by a guide you get around the rhinoceros and Cape buffalo. The tour includes a welcome drink, an excellent safari and an overnight stay in a luxury chalet. Forget your food at home as breakfast, luxurious lunch and dinner are all included (Aquila Private Game Reserve)

6 - Under water with the great white shark in the shark hotspot Gansbaai
You show your tough side and watch the sharks right in the eye. Feel the adrenaline! You'll find the largest population of great white sharks off the coast of the picturesque Gansbaai. Go with a boat on the ocean and swim underwater in a cage with an experienced guide. Come face to face with one of the largest predators of the oceans (Shark Lady).

7 - A tour of the Cape Winelands for half a day or full day
Indulge yourself in a great wine tasting and learn everything you need to know about wines during a tour of a wine cellar. Drive through the unique vineyards of Paarl, Franschhoek and Helshoogte Mountain Pass. The friendly guide Rushdie Harper is available for a half day or the whole day: the choice is yours! The wine tour includes lunch, drinks and a free massage in the hotel (WOW Cape Town Tours).

8 - Snorkelling with seals around the peninsula at Cape of Good Hope
You can snorkel with seals. The curious seals are not afraid of you and even swim circles around you. Scuba Shack takes you to the location where the hundreds of South African seals splash in the water (Scuba Shack)

9 - A great bike ride through the township of Masiphumele
The township Masisphumele is located near Noordhoek on the Cape peninsula. The bike ride is an interactive way to learn about Xhosa traditions and life in the townships. The whole day you will be accompanied by a licensed guide. You even go to visit a traditional healer! When you book the tour on a Sunday, you can get a lively and swinging gospel church service visit. During the tour you get to drink and eat in a typical African house. Transport is included in the tour (AWOL Tours).

10 - Take the best pictures from one of the most beautiful places in the Cape
Many photographers dream about the Cape. Places like Table Mountain and Kirstenbosch Gardens are ideal locations to shoot a full camera roll (or hard drive). Start the day off with a professional photographer and put that unique picture on your name! Drinking is included in the tour. You will be picked up at your hotel (Photography Tours).

The 50 best trips for children in Cape Town at a glance:
A selection of the best activities for children in and around Cape Town

Think back to your childhood when your biggest worry was about your Barbie haircut, the suction cups on your Spiderman or the one missing thumb of your duplicate castle. Today, children have very different concerns. The battery of the Gameboy should be charged on time, the PlayStation is late sometimes to save after the final score is achieved and even more worrying is the idea that classmates quickly play the latest game. The offspring seem to enjoy themselves very well with the electronic entertainment, but at the end of the day.... you want to find a child outside playing in adventure!

1 - Kenilworth Karting
Racing like Michael Schumacher on a 300-meter indoor track. The karts are equipped with a 160 cc engine and the minor has junior karts with 140 cc. 10 Myhof Road | Kenilworth | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 683 2670+27 (0) 21 683 2670

2 - Butterfly World
Visit the 1 000 m2 green house. Between 500 and 800 exotic butterflies from South America and Southeast Asia you will see fluttering around here. Take a visit to the beautiful Butterfly World. Between Klapmuts and Stellenbosch | +27 (0) 21 875 5628+27 (0) 21 875 5628

3 - Lets Go Bowling Stadium Bowl
Bowling is affordable and timeless. Young and old racing and sweating for that perfect strike! Let's Go Bowling is perfect for birthday parties.
Outlets in Bellville, Tygervalley, Claremont and Goodwood | +27 (0) 21 914 8217+27 (0) 21 914 8217

4 - Cool Runnings
Rodel a 1.25 kilometer long toboggan run and reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour whizzing down at Cool Runnings.
Carl Kronje Drive, opposite Bellville Velodrome | Tygervalley | +27 (0) 21 949 4439+27 (0) 21 949 4439

5 - The Ice Station at Grand West Casino
Ice rink;The Ice Station is an Olympic ice rink where children with a children's party can go or during an educational program.
Grand West Casino | 1 Vanguard Drive | Goodwood | +27 (0) 21 535 2260+27 (0) 21 535 2260

6 - Two Oceans Aquarium
The aquarium lets you see more than 3 000 different marine species, among others; sharks, tropical fish, turtles and penguins. V & A Waterfront | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 418 3823+27 (0) 21 418 3823

7 - The Scratch Patch
Visit the gems factory in Simon's Town to see how the stone is processed and polished.
Dido Valley Road | Simon's Town | +27 (0) 21 786 2020+27 (0) 21 786 2020 / V & A Waterfront | +27 (0) 21 419 9429+27 (0) 21 419 9429

8 - Eagle Encounters Raptor Rehabilitation and Education Centre
In bird hospital you see them all; buzzards, hawks, falcons and more. Children learn about the bird world in the Rehab Centre for Birds.
Spier Estate | Lynedoch Road | Stellenbosch

9 - MTN Science Centre
Visit the interactive science centre to learn more about the scientific discoveries and technological innovations. Entrance 5 | 407 Canal Walk | Century City | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 529 8100+27 (0) 21 529 8100

10 - Boulders Beach
Spend your summer day with a thousand fluffy South African penguins. Take your picnic basket for a picnic on the beach and let the kids build a sand castle.

11 - Noordhoek Farm Village
Noordhoek Farm Village offers a variety of free activities for children including; magic shows and clowns. Children can also find face-painting for their faces.

12 - Clay Cafe
Clays and crafts while enjoying a magnificent view. Main Road | Hout Bay | +27 (0) 21 790 3318+27 (0) 21 790 3318

13 - Iziko Museum Planetarium
See the stars and constellations of the South African sky from the state-of-the-art domed museum. For children 0-5 years there are videos in which celebrities give an explanation on the different topics.
25 Queen Victoria Street | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 481 3900+27 (0) 21 481 3900

14 - Kids Junction
Kids Junction offers several fun activities for children. Drumming workshops, ball games, storytelling and more.
17 Willow Road | Newlands | Cape Town | +27 (0) 87 808 7958

15 - Kidz Get Wild
For the adventurous kids there is the possibility to camp at the site. The program is filled with more than a 100 activities, including abseiling, rock climbing, and making your own kite. +27 (0) 21 712 6715+27 (0) 21 712 6715

16 - Atlantic Flying Club
If you and your children are interested in radio controlled gliders then visit the Atlantic Flying Club. +27 (0) 82 464 7444+27 (0) 82 464 7444

17 - Company's Gardens
Take the brood out for a day at the park. Picnic in the sun and take your Frisbee along to play with the kids in the Company's Gardens.
Company's Gardens | Cape Town

18 - Millstone Garden Cafe and Farmstall
Celebrate the birthday party of the kids in a treehouse. You can do much more here, including horse riding.
Alexandra Road | Oude Molen Eco Village | Pinelands | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 447 8226+27 (0) 21 447 8226

19 - Cape Town Lion Park
In the belly of the beast! This is a nice day out to learn more about the white lion, their hunting methods and their life as a proud lion.
Vredenheim Wine Farm | Paarl | +27 (0) 83 868 4119+27 (0) 83 868 4119

20 - Action Pursuit Group's (APG) Home Arena
Dressed in a camouflage outfit you go into battle with the enemy. Arm yourself with a paintball gun and make sure you do not get hit. This activity is for children 11 years and older. Spaanschemat Road | Tokai | +27 (0) 21 790 7603+27 (0) 21 790 7603

21 - Intaka Island Nature Reserve
Visit this island and see the beautiful nature. Feast your eyes to the 180 endemic plant species and 125 bird species. Intaka Island | At the corner of Summer Greens Road and Century Boulevard | Century City | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 552 6889+27 (0) 21 552 6889

22 - Kindermusik with Nats
Calling all mothers with toddlers! Kindermusik offers a program that encourages kid's brains of a very young age with music and movement.
Branches in City Centre, Atlantic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula and North Atlantic Suburbs | +27 (0) 76 814 7981+27 (0) 76 814 7981

23 - Deer Park Café
Sit back with a cup of coffee while the kids play in the beautiful outdoor playground. Deer Park Cafe is suitable for birthday parties.
2 Deer Park Drive | Vredehoek | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 447 8226+27 (0) 21 447 8226

24 - Sporting Chance
Sporting Chance offers two-hour workouts. Along with excellent sports they coach children of outdoor sports such as football and cricket.
1 Marie Dahl Avenue | Newlands | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 683 7299+27 (0) 21 683 7299

25 - Little Cooks Club
Cooking for the little ones! Introduce your toddler to healthy meals and novel foods.
Locations in the northern suburbs, Southern Suburbs and Table View | +27 (0) 73 227 3404+27 (0) 73 227 3404

26 - Bugz Family Playpark
Bugz is the largest indoor and outdoor amusement park in the Western Cape and offers activities for two to ten year olds. The park has sandpits, bouncy castles and a train.
56 Tarentaal Street | Joostenbergvlakte | Kraaifontein | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 988 8846+27 (0) 21 988 8846

27 - Warrior Toy Museum
Visit this permanent exhibition of toys, dolls, model cars and soldiers. It is fun for kids, but also for the collector.
St Georges Street | Simon's Town | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 786 1395+27 (0) 21 786 1395

28 - Jolly Roger Pirate Boat
Hop aboard the only authentic pirate ship in South Africa with the qualified captain and crew you can see the sea. Ship ahoy!
Quay 5 | V & A Waterfront | +27 (0) 21 421 0909+27 (0) 21 421 0909

29 - Planet Kids
Spend quality time with the kids at this eco-friendly indoor activity centre, suitable for birthday parties.
3 Wherry Road | Muizenberg | +27 (0) 21 788 3070+27 (0) 21 788 3070

30 - Supafun Factory
Put the kids in the car and drive to the Supafun Factory. The name says it all super much fun for the kids. Supafun includes a bouncy castle, trampoline and a climbing frame.
Unit 3 | Freedom Square | At the corner of Freedom Way and Marinus | Montague Gardens | Milnerton | +27 (0) 21 552 4776+27 (0) 21 552 4776

31 - Magic Village
Visit the arcade at the Grand West Casino, popular games including; simulator games, racing games and shooting games. Pay attention! There are prizes to be won.
Vanguard Drive | Goodwood | +27 (0) 21 534 0244+27 (0) 21 534 0244

32 - Graceland Venues
Amidst the Boland Mountains, you'll find a hidden paradise with plenty of family activities. Here you have water slides, a petting zoo and pony rides.
Small Pine Scent Farm | Lustigan Road | Southern Paarl | +27 (0) 21 863 4109+27 (0) 21 863 4109

33 - The Giraffe House
On the road with the kids and the picnic basket under your arm. Go to this wonderful park where you will encounter wild animals and unique species. Guided counselling is available.
At the corner of the R304 and R101 | Between Stellenbosch and Paarl | +27 (0) 21 884 4506+27 (0) 21 884 4506

34 - World of Birds
It is a paradise for little nature lovers and photographers. Spot more than 3000 species of birds or stroll through the tropical jungle of monkeys.
Wildlife Sanctuary | Valley Road | Hout Bay | +27 (0) 21 790 4839+27 (0) 21 790 4839+27 (0) 21 790 4839+27 (0) 21 790 4839

35 - Cheetah Sanctuary
Feast your eyes! Twenty cheetahs and special cats admire your luck at the Spier Wine Estate. Spier Wine Estate | R310 | Stellenbosch | +27 (0) 21 809 1100+27 (0) 21 809 1100+27 (0) 21 809 1100+27 (0) 21 809 1100

36 - Downhill Adventures
Take your children to the most exciting vehicles on three wheels. Quad biking on a par course and 4x4 courses under expert guidance. +27 (0) 21 422 0388+27 (0) 21 422 0388+27 (0) 21 422 0388+27 (0) 21 422 0388

37 - Art Jamming
Nice mess with paint! Children can mess here with paint during art classes and holiday programs at Art Jamming.
1 Willow Bridge Centre | Tygervalley | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 914 9224+27 (0) 21 914 9224+27 (0) 21 914 9224+27 (0) 21 914 9224/014 Shop | Cape Quarter | Somerset Road | Green Point | +27 (0) 21 421 6129+27 (0) 21 421 6129

38 - Aquila Private Game Reserve
Aquila provides child-friendly safaris and some fun activities for the kids including; children's ponies, mini-quad bikes and crafts. Touwsrivier | Ceres | +27 (0) 21 431 8400+27 (0) 21 431 8400+27 (0) 21 431 8400+27 (0) 21 431 8400

39 - Imhoff's Snake Park
The Imhoff's reptile park has slithery snakes and lizards to see up close. Do not forget to stop by the mad African grey parrot.
M65 | Kommetjie | +27 (0) 21 783 4545+27 (0) 21 783 4545+27 (0) 21 783 4545+27 (0) 21 783 4545

40 - Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding
Sleepy Hollow offers riding lessons and pony rides for children. Take a ride on the beach at Noordhoek and the lush countryside.
Sleepy Hollow Lane | Noordhoek | +27 (0) 21 789 2341+27 (0) 21 789 2341+27 (0) 21 789 2341+27 (0) 21 789 2341

41 - Sea Point Swimming Pool
The Sea Point swimming complex consists of an Olympic swimming pool, two pools and a springboard.
Sea Point Pavillion | Beach Road | Sea Point | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 434 3341+27 (0) 21 434 3341+27 (0) 21 434 3341+27 (0) 21 434 3341

42 - Cave Golf start
Go to the challenge! Cave Golf is an indoor 18-hole miniature golf course with a number of well-designed challenges and obstacles. Hole in one!
V & A Waterfront (near the Scratch Patch) | +27 (0) 21 419 9429+27 (0) 21 419 9429+27 (0) 21 419 9429+27 (0) 21 419 9429

43 - Gary's Surf School
A day at the beach and surfing is hitting two birds with one stone. Gary's surf school offers surfing lessons for all ages. Put on your wetsuit and jump into the water with your surfboard under arm.
34 Beach Road | Muizenberg | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 782 9356+27 (0) 21 782 9356+27 (0) 21 782 9356+27 (0) 21 782 9356

44 - Blue Train
The Blue Train is a train that runs along the promenade of Mouille Point to Bantry Bay. At R10 per person, you have a nice day out with the kids.
Mouille Point

45 - Bizzy Bodies
Bizzy Bodies is an indoor gym with a running program for children 1-12 years old. Activities include; an inflatable bouncer, obstacle course and a large climbing frame.
23 Bell Crescent | Westlake Business Park | West Lake | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 702 0505+27 (0) 21 702 0505+27 (0) 21 702 0505+27 (0) 21 702 0505

46 - Lil'drey's
A place where your child can grow on artistic level with various art classes and workshops.
140 Waterfront Street | Green Point | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 418 4414+27 (0) 21 418 4414+27 (0) 21 418 4414+27 (0) 21 418 4414

47 - Laser Quest
It is excitement with the laser tag at Laser Quest. A great way to unload the youthful energy and childlike enthusiasm!
Stadium on Main | Claremont Main Road | Claremont | +27 (0) 21 683 7296+27 (0) 21 683 7296+27 (0) 21 683 7296+27 (0) 21 683 7296

48 - Jimmy Jungles
Jimmy Jungles provides the ideal venue for birthday parties. It has an indoor play area for children 6 months and older.
Stadium on Main Road | Main Road | Claremont | +27 (0) 21 683 0005+27 (0) 21 683 0005+27 (0) 21 683 0005+27 (0) 21 683 0005/905 Shop | Tygervalley Centre | Bill Bezuidenhout Avenue | Bellville | +27 (0) 21 914 1705+27 (0) 21 914 1705+27 (0) 21 914 1705+27 (0) 21 914 1705

49 - Cape Town Model Rocketry Club
Buy a construction packer, build your own rocket and get ready for the launch. Install a GPS system and video camera to track your rocket on the base many times +27 (0) 82 746 5892+27 (0) 82 746 5892(0) 82 746 5892(0) 82 746 5892

50 - Ratanga Junction
With over thirty different attractions for children, families and thrill seekers, Ratanga is the place for an unforgettable day.
Century City | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 550 8500+27 (0) 21 550 8500+27 (0) 21 550 8500+27 (0) 21 550 8500

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Walking & Hiking in Cape Town

Thanks to Cape Town Magazine.

During a walking holiday in Cape Town not only climb Table Mountain

When you think of holiday in Cape Town, you probably do not immediately think of a sporting holiday. Of course you know you can climb Table Mountain and you can surf well in Cape Town, but far more active than you had perhaps not yet imagined yourself.

But did you know that the surroundings of Cape Town also lend itself well for a walking holiday? There are in and around the Mother City more hiking trails than you think, and all equally beautiful and special. A difficult climb or a gentle stroll for Sunday afternoon - you can find all over the place - literally and figuratively. Below is a list of 14 special hiking trails in and around Cape Town for both beginners and advanced hikers.

Hiking in Cape Town for the real daredevils

1. Suicide Gorge
Do you like adventure and you know no fear? Then this suicide hike suits you perfectly! Suicide Gorge is located in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, 90 kilometres east of Cape Town. Make your way through the picturesque Boland Mountains and enjoy beautiful canyons and waterfalls. Perfect for the summer, because you will be wet! The thing about this walk is that you can reverse halfway to go back. Through various paths you can suddenly end up with 3 to 20 meter high cliffs from where you have to jump in order to continue your journey. Not suitable for those with a weak heart, but certainly a great and exciting experience.
Warning: only for experienced, fit and fearless hikers.
Distance: 17 kilometres
Duration: 8 hours

Hiking in Cape Town for adventurers

2. Skeleton Gorge
This route starts at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The walk is well marked by signs on the road. First you climb the steep road to the intersection of Skeleton Gorge and Contour Path. Below the rocky stairs and ladders Smuts Track follows, lying in the shade of the forest Afromontaine. After Brakefast Rock it is the right way and you have a panoramic view of the Hottentots Holland Mountains. After a walk up, you come to Maclear's Beacon, the highest point on Table Mountain. From here it is about an hour to the cable car, in case you want to take it down, but you do not have to. Please note that this route is important that you are an experienced and sporty walker. And keep in mind that if you take the cable car down, makes sure that someone picks you up to bring you back to your car in Kirstenbosch.
Admission to the gardens is R50.
Distance: 4 to 8 kilometres
Duration: 5 to 6 hours

3. Platteklip Gorge
This is not the best route to climb Table Mountain, but the shortest and certainly a challenge. Especially your calves, thighs and buttocks, as the route through a series of steep stairs and stone go up. Once at the top you have a beautiful view of the centre of Cape Town, Lion's Head, Signal Hill and Devil's Peak (and a feeling of satisfaction). Make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen before and during the hike. You basically walk virtually the entire route in the sun. How to get there: Follow Tafelberg Road as far as possible until you reach a parking lot and see a sign Platteklip Gorge. From here the route is further indicated by signs and assigns it quite naturally. Advantage: if you sit on the way to your tax in terms of exercise, you can take the cable car down!
Distance: about 3 km
Duration: 1.5 hours

4. Climb other special mountain: Devil's Peak
With an altitude of 1000 meters, Devil's Peak, after Table Mountain (1085 meters), is the highest mountain in Cape Town. At the top you can enjoy a magnificent view including Table Mountain, Lion's Head, the city and Robben Island. How do you come here? Follow Tafelberg Road and drive after you have passed the railway, about three kilometres away. Here is the starting point and follow the path upwards. Although this route is considered the easiest way to reach the top, you have to be careful: the climb can be quite steep and the wind blows hard on some places. Interesting fact: 26 May 1971 a plane crashed on Devil's Peak, where eleven people died. The crash was heard by the entire city. If you look closely, while hiking you can still see these indentations in the soil.
Distance: 7 km
Duration: 2 to 4 hours (depending on how fit you are)

5. Beautiful nature at Crystal Pools - Gordon's Bay
Hiking at Crystal Pools is a real recommendation. The Steenbras River is about 60 kilometres from Cape Town (at Gordon's Bay), separated by waterfalls and eventually empties into the Atlantic Ocean. From the top of the mountain where the trail begins, you have a beautiful view. To reach the first lake, you have an hour scramble over branches and stones. On the path you get a steeper climb up a couple of times and sometimes you have to jump stone from stone to move forward, but those are the only challenges. After this you do have earned some refreshment in the cold water! Please, before you jump from the cliffs and rocks, check that the water is deep enough! This is a nice route for those looking for adventure, fun and relaxation at the same time.
Distance: 2 to 4 kilometres
Duration: Here you have the entire day!

Walks in Cape Town for romantics

6. Lion's Head climb
Drive over Kloof Nek Road towards Table Mountain / Camps Bay and once you have arrived at the top, you are right on Signal Hill Road and then you follow this road until you reach the parking lot of Lion's Head. Walk counter clockwise, the Jeep track up and enjoy the trees, hawks and stunning 360-degree views over Cape Town, Table Mountain, Camps Bay, Devil's Peak, Robben Island, the City Bowl and Signal Hill. A walk on Lion's Head with full moon is also highly recommended and should definitely be part of your holiday in Cape Town. Be sure not to forget a nice bottle of wine and bring a picnic basket; romantic atmosphere guaranteed!

Please note that the hike is of course really romantic if you take it during Sunrise or Sunset. Keep in mind that the mountain is not backlit, so at night if you have to pay attention to declines. A light (on your head) is not a luxury.
And this is a walk which you do not necessarily have to be an experienced hiker or super athletic, but it should not be underestimated at all. People with vertigo can occasionally have shivers here.
Distance: 5 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours (up and down)

Nice walks in Cape Town for families with children

7. Silvermine Nature Reserve
Silvermine Nature Reserve is just a half hour drive from Cape Town and offers trails for everyone, young and old, and easy and difficult hiking trails. From Cape Town, take the M3 towards Muizenberg, follow at the T-junction just before Muizenberg road to the right and keep the signs to Ou Kaapse Weg. Climb to the top via the various routes and visit the Elephants' Eye (a cave covered with jungle plants) or simply enjoy the fantastic views and beautiful scenery. After the hike, you can refresh yourself in the lake near the park and end the day with a braai.
Please note that this park you pay R40 entrance fee.
Distance and duration vary depending on the route.

8. Walking around Rhodes Memorial
In the restaurant at Rhodes Memorial, you can have breakfast and drink tea, but do it especially after, in case you're too relaxed and the hiking is not on the agenda anymore! From the parking lot (take from the M3 exit "Rhodes Memorial) you walk 20 minutes uphill, until you reach the path towards Kirstenbosch, where you turn left. The route is very beautiful: the road will take you to several indigenous forests and rivers and you have a beautiful view over the city and False Bay. It is also a comfortable hike. The major part you walk in the shade.
Distance: 8 kilometres
Duration: three hours. Please note that this is one-way. If you do not want to walk the same route back, make sure a car is waiting at Kirstenbosch.

Hikes in Cape Town for beginners

9. Walking on the beach from Noordhoek to Kommetjie
Take the M2 towards Muizenberg and follow to the end of the motorway, the M64 to Noordhoek. During the walk on Noordhoek Beach, you have a beautiful view of Table Mountain and Hout Bay. Also on the way you get the Kakapo wreck, a ship that sunk in 1900, and you can stop at the popular surfing spot Bokram Beach. The walk ends at Kommetjie, hometown of popular South African singer Jeremy Loops.
Important: Make sure there is a car ready at Kommetjie, unless you want to walk back along the beach.
Distance: 5.5 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours

10. City Walk in Cape Town Walking in the city
One of the first things you should do during a visit to Cape Town, is exploring the centre. This can be done very relaxed on one of the red tourist buses, but a much more fun (and challenging) course is to explore the city on foot. Make yourself comfortable and take a map with you. Some places that are worth to visit and not too far apart, are: Greenmarket Square (excellent place to buy share some souvenirs), Bo Kaap (district with coloured houses where many slaves once lived) Slave Lodge (slavery museum in Cape Town) and Company's Gardens (large garden in the centre of Cape Town, where you can buy nuts and feed squirrels).

11. Kalk Bay Amphitheatre
Kalk Bay is known as one of the most picturesque villages on the east coast of Cape Peninsula. Take the M3 towards Muizenberg and leave the motorway at exit 23. Then follow Westlake Drive until you reach Boyes Drive. Park the car here, because here starts the path. Along the way your views are Kalk Bay Reef where there are boats in the harbour and you can see surfers waiting for that one good wave. On a clear day you can see Seal Island, False Bay, the Hottentots Holland Mountains and Cape Hangklip from here. At the end of this path you get to Jeep Track. From here you have to follow the signs' Amphitheatre through Spes Bona Forest. After an hour walking you come in Spes Bona Forest, a native forest including Assegai- and Boekenhout trees. Then you reach a fireway crossing. Turn left into the amphitheatre and it again links to Echo Valley. You now go to Amazon Forest, known as Kroon se Bos. Just before the start you walk over Wandering Willie's Weary Wait.
Distance: 6 kilometres
Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Walks in Cape Town for athletic walkers

12. Walking on Chapman's Peak
Chapman's Peak is not known as the most beautiful route in South Africa for nothing. Car enthusiasts know this path perhaps of commercials that include Audi, Maserati and BMW which was shot here.

Follow the coastal road from Cape Town (M6) and start your hike about 700 meters to the famous lookout point on Chapman's Peak Drive. After about 30 minutes' walk from the parking lot you arrive at the crossroads between Noordhoek Peak and Chapman's Peak. Turn right onto Lower Chapman's Peak and go around the corner to Chapman's Peak Proper. Here you cross over and start the climb! Once at the top you have a beautiful view of Hout Bay, Noordhoek, Karbonkelberg and amphitheatre.
Tip: Chapman's Peak is a great route to do with sunset.
Distance: 6 km
Duration: 3 hours

13. Cape Point
Just an hour's drive from the centre of Cape Town is the southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula, Cape Point. To get here you only have to follow the M3 towards Muizenberg and repel the M64 until you reach Rooi Krans. During the walk there is a lot to see: monkeys, zebras and springbok for example. Go cast a rod for those that are keen and it is likely that you catch a pike or yellowtail.
Distance: 4 km
Duration: 2 to 3 hours

14. Pipe Track
Drive to the intersection of Kloof Nek Road and Tafelberg Road from the centre of Cape Town that is no more than 10 minutes. From the parking lot on Kloof Nek take the stairs to the top of the pipe track that literally carries along an old water pipe. You can walk as long and as far as you want, but beware: it's a one-way hike, so you have to return the same way. Along the way you can perch on a bench and enjoy the view of Lion's Head, Camps Bay, Oudekraal and Bakoven. Not a tough hike, but at least beautiful.
Distance: 6 kilometres
Duration: 4 hours

By Milou Windhorst

Copyright Cape Town Magazine

Cheap Restaurants in Cape Town

Top 10 cheap restaurants in and around Cape Town: For a dime in the front row, inexpensive restaurants in Cape Town

Compared to the United Kingdom eating out in Cape Town cheap. A good dish with a beer will cost an average of around R80.00. But we stay English and English want for a dime on the front row and also in Cape Town. We at have a top ten list of restaurants where you can eat well for less than R50.00.

1. Eastern Food Bazaar
Anyone loves and to knows this restaurant in Cape Town for good and inexpensive food. Indians praise the quality of Eastern Food Bazaar, which serves excellent Indian food for very cheap. Here you walk out the door with a supper plus a Coke in the stomach for up to R42.00. And yes, that's cheap! The name gives it all, a lot of Chinese food for little cash; and that sounds like music to the ears of the average English person in Cape Town. The Easter Food Bazaar offers a variety and the prices are between R20.00 and R35.00 for a supper.

96 Long Market Street | City Bowl | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 461 2458+27 (0) 21 461 2458 +27 (0) 21 461 2458+27 (0) 21 461 2458

2. Rafiki's
The food at Rafiki's has a nice balance between light snacks and full meals. It is known for its great pizzas from the wood oven (try the Afghan Surprise or the Mother Clucker), but also the chili poppers and shrimp are delicious to eat. The well-topped pizzas vary between R36.00 and R59.00. On Monday you get the pizzas even at half price! Be smart and come Wednesdays along for the citizen special. Every Wednesday, you have two hamburgers for R75.00. Fish & Chips, R46.50. Read more about Rafiki's.

13 Kloof Nek Road | Tamboerskloof | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 426 4731+27 (0) 21 426 4731 +27 (0) 21 426 4731+27 (0) 21 426 4731

3. Narona's
Small and beautiful; is the place to Exterior Street Gardens. An extensive menu with prices with your low budget is quite right. More than half of the dishes are under R50.00. A good cheeseburger with bacon and fries you eat here for R40.00. Rather pasta with seafood? Then you can check out at R43.00.

136 Buitenkant Street | Gardens | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 465 8111+27 (0) 21 465 8111 +27 (0) 21 465 8111+27 (0) 21 465 8111

4. Obz Cafe
How could it be otherwise that you can eat in the student quarter of Cape Town for little money. The Obz Cafe is the place for a cheap bite. R25.00 - R40.00. You will not spend more here for supper.

115 Lower Main Road | Observatory | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 448 5555+27 (0) 21 448 5555 +27 (0) 21 448 5555+27 (0) 21 448 5555

5. Simply Asia
Thai food and noodles does not fall into the category of English food. And that's good, because that's why we go on vacation! Simply Asia is a franchise chain with about twenty different locations in the Cape. The menus include more of Thai and vegetarian dishes. This chain proves that good food need not be expensive; a Thai dish you pay R49.00, R47.00 vegetarian dish and a noodle dish R49.00. Sea Point Gardens and the V & A Waterfront are three of the locations where this chain is established.
Read more about Simply Asia brands in your area.

+27 (0) 21 447 4387+27 (0) 21 447 4387 +27 (0) 21 447 4387+27 (0) 21 447 4387

6. Casa Nostra Italian Restaurant
Classic Italian dishes at a reasonable price. Pastas and pizzas slide inside you for a price of around R50.00. Homemade tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce you pay R45.00. The large pizzas with 33 cm are for a price of up to R50.00. Buon appetito!

66 Regent Street | Sea Point | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 443 0187+27 (0) 21 443 0187 +27 (0) 21 443 0187+27 (0) 21 443 0187

7. A Taste of Asia
A Taste of Asia is located in the heart of the lively Observatory. The restaurant serves appetizers and entrees from R20.00 - R40.00. Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean food's on the menu. Take a look in the kitchen of this restaurant. Leave your fat wallet at home.

45 Lower Main Road | Observatory | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 447 1500+27 (0) 21 447 1500 +27 (0) 21 447 1500+27 (0) 21 447 1500

8. Harries Pancake House
Here there are pancakes in many flavours and variations. Whether you're a fan of sweet, savoury or traditional varieties of pancake; you'll be amazed at the pancake variations in Harries Pancake House. From Thai chicken and mushrooms to Bobotie: Harry can do it all! For a pancake you pay between R36.00 and R50.00.

Shop 2 & 3 Fisher Basket World | 5 Main Road | Hout Bay | +27 (0) 21 790 2472+27 (0) 21 790 2472 +27 (0) 21 790 2472+27 (0) 21 790 2472

9. Aris Souvlaki
This Greek restaurant has two floors and a balcony overlooking one of the busy streets in Sea Point. For most of the main courses you pay slightly less than R50.00, the food is tasty and of good quality. Baklava, Greek kebabs, shawarma, and more Greek specialties you can expect at this place.

83a Regent Road | Sea Point | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 439 6683+27 (0) 21 439 6683+27 (0) 21 439 6683+27 (0) 21 439 6683 +27 (0) 21 439 6683+27 (0) 21 439 6683+27 (0) 21 439 6683+27 (0) 21 439 6683

10. Saul's Grill
It was opened once as a small take-away in the late eighties. It has since grown into a full service restaurant and bar. Saul's is unique because it is the only restaurant on the Atlantic coast, which is open 24 hours a day. Grilled burgers and chicken you can have for around R50.00. Boerewors with eggs and fries will cost R34.00. There are always attractive offers that make supper affordable.

152 Main Road | Sea Point | Cape Town | +27 (0) 87 151 4601(0) 87 151 4601(0) 87 151 4601(0) 87 151 4601 +27 (0) 87 151 4601(0) 87 151 4601(0) 87 151 4601(0) 87 151 4601

Source: Cape Town Magazine November 2010

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square is a square which is found in the centre of Cape Town. Here are many historic buildings. The square has been declared a national monument and has been since the 18th century a functioning market and is therefore the oldest open-air market in the city. It used to be a green market, today it is a market with mainly clothing, jewellery and leather goods. Except Sundays there is a market every day.

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Old Biscuit Mill Cape Town

Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town

Where to go in Cape Town on the weekend for fresh oysters, sushi, croquettes, French cheeses, shiny cupcakes and steaming hot dogs? The Neighbour Goods Market in Woodstock! Better known as the Old Biscuit Mill - named after the area where the market is built.

Old Biscuit Mill is the place to be on a Saturday morning. You can buy all sorts of delicious things for the weekend or for a picnic. There's everything for sale from handmade clothing to organic food, cute gifts, cheese, bread, wine etc. There is a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Every Saturday morning you can go until about 14:00 to visit the Old Biscuit Mill. Woodstock is an area that is very popular in Cape Town. It is close to the City Bowl, described on the red building with white letters: Old Biscuit Mill you will immediately notice when you walk under the gate of the property. Sociable people talking walking on all sides and scents that make your taste buds tingle.

A booth with original Cape Jack Black beer, even in the early morning, is highly recommended. Prefer a glass of champagne or wine? That is also possible, bubbles go well at breakfast. Then wander past dozens of stalls with a wide variety of delicacies: fresh French and Swiss cheese, lobster (kreef) and oysters, freshly baked Italian bread, green coconut with a straw, sweet Belgian waffles, colourful cupcakes and delicious smoothies. You name it and it is available.... In the rear part of the market you will find some long picnic tables. Here there are people socializing, drinking and eating together. There are also hay bales you can sit on. The preparation of the delicacies alone is a joy to see.

The market has a hippie-like atmosphere and you will find people from all walks of life. South Africa at its best: the rainbow nation.

Neighbour Goods Market
Old Biscuit Mill
373-375 Albert Rd, Woodstock
Tel: (021) 448 1438(021) 448 1438(021) 448 1438(021) 448 1438.
Each Saturday from 09:00 - 14:00 

Source: Cape Town Magazine November 2010