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Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch is 3 kilometres north of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape Province and provides interactive educational programs on a variety of special and endangered species like; cheetahs, tigers and crocodiles to lemurs and a King Cobra.

The animals at the Cango Wildlife Ranch are from around the world, the purpose of the ranch is to preserve rare animal species like cheetahs from extinction by a good breeding program and to inform visitors about the importance of the continued existence of the various (rare) species.

A visit to the Wildlife Ranch always begins with a guided tour by a knowledgeable guide who leads you in 45 to 60 minutes along a large number of unusual birds, mammals and reptiles. Of course, you will learn a lot this way about the occupants of the Ranch. You start at the Valley of Ancients where big bats, cute little antelopes and fish with fantastic colours are. Then, the route itself goes to a number of endangered and special big cats at "Cheetah Land", alongside Cheetahs Bengal tigers, white tigers, white lions, caracal and leopards. The different types of lemurs have their playing field in Lemur Falls. Children should go on the Wallabee-Walk in the Kuranda Forest and feed the birds and wallabies. After the tour you can further explore the Ranch on your own. Visit to one or more of the participation 'close encounters', have something to eat or drink at the restaurant and visit the souvenir shop. For children there is the 'Kidz Zone' where they can still enjoy equally good at playgrounds and inflatables.

The close encounters make Cango Wildlife Ranch a special experience and there are several animals you can touch and photographed. This allows you to feel a huge Python on your neck or hold a large Argentine black and white Tegu. Play with young cubs and cheetahs, guaranteeing cute pictures or choose the funny lemurs. For those who want to experience an even more unique experience it is advisable to bring a bathing suit, you will be lowered in a cage into the water between the crocodiles. For different activities there are age limits in relation to safety. From May - August you can take a dip between the crocodiles as it is the rest of the animals species hibernate. All the above activities are not included in the ticket price, for more information check the website: Cango Wildlife Ranch.

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