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Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve can be found in the Eastern Cape 120 km west of Port Elizabeth. It is a malaria free area of ​​approximately 270 000 hectares of pristine mountainous terrain. It begins in the east at Komdoma which finds its wonderful way of unparalleled beauty through the gorge of "Groot River" to Willowmore in the west. Baviaanskloof is one of the eight protected areas within the Cape Floral Region and is therefore a National Heritage.

The Baviaans Gorge is also known as heritage of the Bushmen and there are caves and shelters where you can find visible murals which are sometimes very clear. Go hiking in search of the painting of the spiritual Healer en route enjoying the fantastic views. For the more adventurous you can go rock and mountain climbing here and there are several walking / hiking tours where you climb over rocks and rivers to arrive at rock pools and mountain lakes with water that is cool and bright!

If you do not want to walk, take the car. Please note that the roads are unpaved and a bakkie or 4x4 vehicles is recommended, especially during rainy periods when the low bridges will be flooded with water and the trails are muddy. And after a wonderful day outside it is fantastic at night to look at the particularly beautiful African starry sky ... If you are visiting the nature reserve, you only need a visitor pass and they are available at the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve entrances in the east and west.

Plant Life:
Thanks to the varied landscape you'll find more than 1000 different plant species, including many Erica's and proteas. Several cycads, which were thought that two species do not exist have anymore, survived in the Baviaanskloof. You can have a picnic at the Geelhoutbos where you see the Yellowwood tree and wild fig tree.

Animal Life:
Animals that you may encounter here on a walk are the leopard, buffalo, kudu, zebra, red hartebeest, bushbuck, buck, elk, porcupine and baboons. There will also be plenty of reptiles and of course you can find lots of birds here, including the Crowned Hornbill, the francolin and the African fish eagle.