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City Albertinia

Albertinia is a small village in the Western Cape Province at the foot of the Langeberg mountain range about 50 km west of Mossel Bay. It was named after the Dutchman Johannes. R. Albertyn who was involved in the foundation of the community.

Albertinia is known as "Home of the Aloe natively known as Aloe ferox (or Cape Aloe) since the plant grows a lot in this dry area. The bitter juice from the leaves is used for different purposes in the health and cosmetic industries as the medicinal effects of aloe for both humans and animals was discovered. Albertinia is the only place in South Africa where juice and gel of the Aloe get made and this is partly because the factory in the village where skin care products are manufactured. For more information, on aloe, visit the House of Aloes. Those who want to see the Aloe ferox in bloom should visit Albertinia in the South African winter (June-July).

Those who drive the Garden Route and wants to make a safari, Albertinia is the right place. You can visit the Garden Route Game Lodge where there are game drives with an open land cruiser and other activities are also offered. During a game drive (+/- 2.5 hours), you can see lions, rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes and elephants. You can further choose to interact with elephants to learn more about these giants and feed and touch them.

You can choose to visit the Cheetah Conservation Centre and take part in a cheetah walk where you walk through the reserve with rangers and cheetahs. The walk takes 45 minutes and the rangers will tell you a lot along the way about everything you see around you and of course the cheetahs. Bookings for the Cheetah Walk are required and children under 16 can unfortunately not participate.

Yet another possibility at the Garden Route Game Lodge is to look at cold-blooded animals in more detail in the reptile center. You can see about 28 different species of snakes including the African Rock Python and Black Mamba. When you book a tour for the ability to hold some snakes (under control and supervision) you can ask questions to the herpetologist (snake-expert).

Finally, there is the possibility with or without a guide for a walk through the game park to watch birds, trees and plants and wildlife. The walk takes place in a secluded part of the reserve where no animals can get dangerous. Along the way the guide tells you a lot about the flora and fauna or if you yourself are going, you can use the information signs along the way for info. Do not forget to bring your binoculars to observe the birds well!

Tonight you stay maybe at the Garden Route Game Lodge? Look here for more information: Garden Route Game Lodge or take a look at this two-day safari package with game drives and staying at the luxury lodge: ER 066.

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