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Addo Elephant Back Safaris

Please note: parks that offer elephant rides and shows where the elephants do tricks, do not have the welfare of the elephant as a top priority. To teach an elephant tricks and to get the animal as far as to carry people on his back, hard training is necessary. Young elephants are taken away from their mother and by means of pain stimuli learned the desired (unnatural) behaviour. The elephants stay in small spaces and they do not have enough social interaction with peers. We do not recommend you to take part in such activities. Click here for more information on this topic (source: World Animal Protection).

It is situated near Addo and there is Addo Elephant Back Safaris where guests can spend a day between the elephants. With a plane guests flown to the Addo Elephant Park Elephant Back Safaris over the magnificent Suurberg Mountains with guaranteed beautiful views! Or you can opt for a transfer in a 4x4 van with an expert guide driving safely on the gravel road through the mountains (self-drive possible if you drive a 4x4). Once at your destination you climb on the back of an elephant and have a safari through the beautiful area. Then you go walking with the elephants and they get a well-deserved snack. Then it's time for you to join us for lunch and regrettably fly / ride back.

From Addo Airfield you depart by plane or 4x4 to the Day Centre of Elephant Back Safaris and Lodge from where the safari departs. The road that you follow to get here is a fairly rugged gravel road through the Suurberg Mountains and the Addo Elephant N. P. and is therefore strongly advised to self-drive a regular sedan. If you have rented a 4x4 then it is possible to drive yourself through the Suurberg Mountains to Addo Elephant Back Safaris.

Every day there are scheduled three safaris: 08:00, 11:00 and 15:00. The safari lasts about two hours and then there is another light lunch for you. The 4x4 transfers leave at 06:30, 09:30 and 13:30 (transfer takes about 1 to 1.5 hours). The plane transfers leave at 07:30, 10:30 and 14:30 (flight of about 15-20 minutes). If you choose the transfer of the road you will be guided by an experienced guide on the road and he/she can tell a thing or two about the environment and animals that you see. If you opt for the transfer by air then you enjoy a magnificent view over the Suurberg Mountains and the Addo Elephant National Park.

At the Day Centre you can get on the back of one of these magnificent elephants especially trained to safely drive around, but it remains exciting! You can enjoy the natural beauty of the area from the back of the elephant and hopefully spot other animals and pretty birds. You walk with the animals through the bushveld, along ravines and through ancient forests, beautiful surroundings. Be amazed at how quiet the giants make their way through the woods. A unique experience! Of course you can ask a question about the elephants to your ranger.

It is recommended to bring sunglasses, hat, sturdy walking shoes, a warm jacket (at least in the period May - September), a thin rain jacket (October - April) and sunscreen. For your comfort, it is better to wear long trousers. And of course do not forget to bring your camera!

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